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by lalahsghost

Does this mean when this is sold on a bike in a retail store that we're going to start seeing 40cm pie plates behind these monstrous cassettes? :roll:

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

it means itll be more aero :D

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by hjb1000

No thanks I'd rather have 2x10 and 200grams more.

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by jooo

lalahsghost wrote:Does this mean when this is sold on a bike in a retail store that we're going to start seeing 40cm pie plates behind these monstrous cassettes? :roll:

Jokes aside, the Hope integrated cassettes have shown something like a pie plate just for the chain which could actually be of some use in rough situations.
If the cassette/RD gets heaps closer to the spokes thanks to the 11th cog, having something there for extra protection might not actually be the most stupid idea. CF pie plate anyone? :lol:

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by Asymptotic ... -comments/

So I was pretty cynical about this when I saw the prototype designs several months ago. However, upon thinking about my last 6 XCO races this year where I never went down to the 24T ring (38/24) even on really steep climbs, I'm going to put this group onto my list of future build possibilities.

Will be hanging out for some reviews to see if the 38x42 chain line actually works on real life climbs, and not on a turbo in a bike shop.
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by lordconqueror

yeah, could be real trick for fs 29ers, too. I was looking at the adjustable dropout on my buddy's Koan last night and thinking about how you could tighten up the rear on it some more if you didn't have to clear the cables and front der.

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by 02GF74

not sure if this link has been posted, but the video is worth a look. ... shes-xx-1/" onclick=";return false;

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by smike

No way that chain will stay on the front ring without some sort of retention. The chatter bumps will throw it right off.

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by DavidR1

While it doesn't make sense that it would stay on, it has worked pretty well on the UCI circuit all season. Haven't seen Nino, or any of the other Swiss Powerstop team members dropping chains, and they haven't been using a chain guide.

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by Sybarite

They still to iron out their XD Drive cassette body first, most hubs (DT, Mavic, Extralite have mentioned this option) would need that new cassette body to fit the new cassette, and it's small 10T which would present the most challenges. And there would still be more iterations with the 142 and 135 rears.....

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by djconnel

Excellent article on BikeRadar:

As a group, XX1 is lighter than SRAM’s flagship XX group. Each of the parts in XX1 is actually heavier than their 2x10 counterparts, but the fact that XX1 does away with a chainring, front derailleur, front shifter, along with the associated cable and housing, result

Seems no-brainer to this crowd.

I love the way it's designed for 1 ring up front. A lot of compromises are no longer needed. This is way better than just removing a chainring or two from a conventional mountain bike group. The chain-chainring combos are deigned to simply not separate. The chain stays in sync with the chainring (fat-narrow gap in chain, chainring teeth designed to match). And the weight savings are enormous.

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

I really like the idea too, but I'm really curious as to how different the XX1 chainring will compare in the real world against a standard chainring on the exact same chain line (such as a spiderless chain set). The only thing it is preventing as far as I can tell is side to side chain flex on the larger chain spaces. The crankset is very appealing though.

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by djconnel

The teeth are taller, as well, which prevents the chain from lifting off. Comparison with conventional chainring:


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by TheRookie

Any single ring tends to have taller teeth, but not the width extending sections on every other tooth as well.
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by Weenie

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by xnavalav8r

Anyone ridden it yet?

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