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by BuddhaInc

Hi All

Hope that some of you are able to share some rider experience with an KCNC Cassette.

Heard many different things about the KCNC Cassette.., both good and bad.

What have YOU to say :noidea:

/ la Cour

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by ebay_special

Well I've heard nothing bad myself. Did elect to use one on a Colnago build for a friend. New everything so no transmission maladies. Paul Hewitt who built the special wheels had no previous experience of the cassette untiI I dropped it on him.....he described it as a "right arse to fit". The splining needed a great deal of filing to slide onto the Campagnolo freehub. Cassette perfect in use though.

You asked, I answered. :wink:

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by BuddhaInc

Thanks Ebay-Special.., much appreciated. :thumbup:

I heard many things.., for example that the cassette is worm down pretty quick. But not a issue for me... light weight is more important and also it looks cool 8)

Up until now, I have always used SRAM PG990. I'm pretty excited to get the KCNC mounted.

More rider experiences is more than welcome


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by JkAlentejano

It wears down really really quick, and don't remember correctly but i think the gears don't work as well as on a shimano\sram cassete.
So my opinion is that the kcnc cassete is only good for pictures and to go and pick up the groceries.

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by artray

Worked fine with sram red and lasted 11 months .

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