Trek Madone 7.0 is faster by 2 over minutes at 40km/hr

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by stella-azzurra

What do you make of this claim by Trek on the Madone 7.0. I must say this is light 750gr. for a 56cm frame

The Madone 7-Series borrows the Kamm Tail truncated airfoil design methodology of the Speed Concept and applies to the road, smoothing airflow over the structure for a claimed 25 watts of power savings when traveling at 40km/h. Put another way, Trek reckons the new 7-Series could save a rider more than two minutes per hour relative to the previous Madone 6-Series


Meanwhile, a new Kamm Tail-enhanced Bontrager handlebar saves yet another 14g of drag, Trek says, translating to 23 seconds per hour at 40km/h. Riders looking to pinch every bit of advantage should also note that the new 200g, carbon fiber Bontrager Race XXX Lite Aero
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by 53x12

Wait, why didn't you put this in the already ongoing thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=104446 ?
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by jsinclair

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by airwise

Radioschleck should win the Tour at a canter provided none of their riders climb with their hands in the centre of the handlebar. :wink:

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