Colnago disc, electric

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by rustychain" onclick=";return false;

Only 100 grams more then the prior model. I did not think it could be done. I was wrong.

Not my cup of tea but noteworthy


can't wait to hear ride reports in wet weather :|
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by Geoff 'bout with Campagnolo EPS and Record SRM?

by Weenie

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by llhh

Geoff 'bout with Campagnolo EPS

There you go, official Colango image:

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by rodebaron51

Aiaiai.... beauty meets tech!

Hurts :up:

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by bm0p700f

How are they actuating the brakes. Is it one of those TRP or Hope box of tricks to convert cable input into a hydraulic line to allow STI's or Ergo's to still be used.

While I don't feel the need for discs on a road bike (or my MTB's) I do really like the idea and I find myself wanting one. I wonder what OLd there is on the rear? I want more details.

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by Valbrona

Electronic shifting makes disc brakes more possible because you can dispense with integrated brake levers/gear shifters. Brake levers are just brake levers again and gear shifts are made using satellite buttons on the bars.

by Weenie

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