Rapha Lightweight Jersey-Experience? Update with Ride Report

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by incognitus

Roobay wrote:maybe look at this jersey http://www.rapha.cc/mercury-rising" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Interesting...not so much the Jersey (which seems to be 100% regular polyester and no Merino), but the apparently new art direction.

What strikes me as odd, are the product photos which are different style than what Rahpa is known for:

- Bright, saturated colors
- A (non color-coordinated) helmet
- Yellow technical glasses
- A totally "non-epic" mid-ride hair splash


Maybe they are changing their marketing approach?

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by iamalex

You're right, does seem like a departure, they might even be enjoying themselves! I like the usual aesthetic but the riders always seem to be enduring some horror or other.

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by Rippin

Can anyone give me your comparison between the light weight jersey and the wool/polyester blend pro team jersey they issued a few years ago? That pro team jersey is my favorite jersey and would love for Rapha to re-issue jerseys with that same wool/ poly blend and body cut. The club and country jerseys are not as close fitting as I would prefer. Are the light weights closer to a race- cut? Is it lighter than their past pro team blend jerseys?
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by limba

I have the black Classic jersey, the old baby blue lightweight jersey, the red Country jersey from last year, the Rapha Condor from 2010 and the Rapha Condor last generation. They're all size Medium except for the last gen. Condor. A medium of that would be skin tight, too tight for me. If you're looking for a tight jersey for racing/training on the hottest, hardest days I'd recommend the newest version of the Lightweights/Super lightweights or the Pro Team/Condor jersey.

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by iamalex

Just wanted to give you a 400ish mile ride report...

I love it!
Colder days I've worn a long sleeve merino baselayer underneath but predominantly I've worn on it's own. Very comfortable, breathes well, build quality seems good too.

People warned that it sags but I can't say that I've noticed in practice. Obviously it gets more comfortable the more of the stuff I eat/use. For the usual 75mile trip I can fit the following in there:
Pump, phone, keys, credit card, small change, sandwich, 3x flapjacks, sometimes a handful of sweets.
Anything else goes in a small saddle bag.

Fit wise the medium lightweight jersey is perfect. I usually take small clothes, 36-38 shoulder. I'm 62kg. The jersey is not aero tight on me.

Feel free to ask any questions...

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by xrs2

I have one. It's a nice jersey, and is very effective at keeping my cool on hot summer days (such as the 100 miles I did yesterday).

The only issue I have had is that it is very stretchy. You can't load the rear jersey pockets with too much or the back will stretch past your saddle. I had a small multitool, two large energy bars, keys, pump, and credit card/cash in the rear pockets and the jersey was stretching dramatically.

In general, I'm a bigger fan of Rapha than Assos, although I own both, but one thing Assos got really right is to include the stretch-proof fabric along the back extending from the jersey neck to the rear pockets. It's critical for longer rides when you have to carry more stuff.

Edit: I see others have said much the same thing.

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by asv

Anytime there is a good sale I always pick up some Rapha stuff. I bought the lightweight jersey this year, and I absolutely love it. It was 104F last week, and I found it to be very cool considering the harsh conditions. I really like the central zip pocket, but as mentioned it is stretchy material.

The illogical hate on Rapha blows my mind.

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by airwise

The decision is going to depend very much on whether you want to keep cool or look cool IME.

In terms of attire suitable for extreme temperatures, the likes of the climbers jersey from Castelli and the Summer jersey from Sugoi are technically more advanced and adept at performing their designated task.

But Rapha is Rapha and if you want to wear Rapha then the Lightweight is far better than boiling on a climb in the classic sports wool jersey.

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by js

Hi Guys,

As a guy who makes (at least part of) his living delivering the Rapha Randonnées, I thought I'd pipe up to say that, in my humble opinion, the Rapha SuperLightweight Jersey is the best bit of kit they're making right now. Unless you want something that is in between warm & cool, I wouldn't even bother with the lightweight jersey anymore... the SL is THAT GOOD!

In fact, it's good enough that a customer on last week's trip through the Alps took my SL off me at the end of Day 1 and he wore it for all the remaining days. In fact, I never got it back... but, fortunately I know where to find a few more.

That said, the fabric is still pretty stetchy - this is definitely one of the things that I like about the jersey, but if you order a size that doesn't equate to 'race-fit', then it will likely sag down a bit when the pockets are full up in the back. I have my medium fitting snug, and with a guide's survival pack on board (large radio, camera, phone, park tool, two bars & two gels), everything still stays in place perfectly well, even when bombing down the Bonette for 25min!

Other bonuses of the SL:
- the rear pocket layout is normal - 3 pockets, plus one zippered
- the trim around the neck, zip & sleeves is perversely smooth & comfortable
- when you wash it post-ride, just roll it up in a towel and it's ready for day 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
and finally
- perhaps the ultimate sin for Raphites, but the accommodating stretch of the fabric means sleeves can easily be rolled in the VERY high heat... just don't tell anyone I've done this.

In short, SL

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by xrs2

Not sure that's the solution, because mine is tight but the back remains stretchy. Don't get me wrong, I like the jersey, but it could be improved with non-stretch material, as in Assos jerseys.


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