Anyone Speak Marchisio?

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by Valbrona

I plan to buy a 10 speed Campag compatible multi-kit cassette - MTKL-C10 - for a 10 speed Campag freehub. Do these cassettes take regular Campag lockrings, or do I need a special Marchisio one to go with the cassette?


by Weenie

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by KB

Cannot comment on the lockring, but I've had a Marchisio cassette in the past and to be honest it was rubbish. After other letdowns I keep to the standard cassettes. In my case at the moment, Shimano. And will carry on doing so even if someone comes in with something much lighter.

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by peruffo

The lockring size depends on the rear hub type, so use whatever you had on it before. If the first cog is the same size, then you need exacly the same, if not, the larger or smaller flange type, but the same thread.

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by bikedoc

agree with both post but mainly with the horrible bit, really last resort if you really need ratios you can get from campag

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by Valbrona

Thanks. A regular Campag lockring it is then.

I've actually just stuck on an IRD Elite 11-28 10 speed Campag cassette, but I might give the Marchisio one a try. I am not hopeful about this IRD one ...

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by Stolichnaya

From experience, the Marchisio cogs for Campagnolo are complete garbage. Shifting was horrible with any kind of chain and the larger cogs were prone to flex. Save your money if it is not too late.

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by davidalone

I'm using a MTK c10-S10 campy to shimano conversion cassette on my race wheels. (mainly because the required freehub is an old old edco one which is long out of production.) from what I know this is the only product in existence out there ( all right, I heard you can jury-rig campy cassettes to work on shimano or run a Ktek shiftmate, but both arent ideal situations,) finishing was poor ( had to file down one of the spline teeth on one of the cassettes for it to fit). instruction sheet was complete garbage too, mainly because the english tranaslation was so bad. I ended up putting it together via trial and error and ended up having several spacers extra

that being said, once all those issues were settled, it works fine. a tad heavy, but it shifts alright under sram and shimano. could be better, but nothing worth complaining about.

by Weenie

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