BMC TeamMachine SLR01

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by ultyguy

Sweetness! :thumbup:

May I ask your set up (bb-top middle of saddle, saddle setback and drop, tip of saddle to c of bars)?

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by Kneedragon

BikeTart wrote:What is your Garmin mounted on?

RaceWareDirect Garmin 500 mount. There's a big thread on it in the Road section.

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by Kneedragon

Monkeyboy3333 wrote:that is one mean mo fo of a ride. Loving the Boyd wheels, how do they ride and cost if may be so bold....?

They were $1600 with upgraded Alchemy hubs.

The rims are quite light, so they spin up quickly. The hubs are very smooth and roll really well. Overall wheel build is stiff, and I don't get any flex when putting the hammer down on climbs. I'm quite satisfied with the wheels, but to be honest, I have not ridden many wheels so I can't really offer any comparisons to deep carbon clinchers.

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by justkeepedaling

With regard to your new setup, DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Me gusta

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by GT56

sorry to have to say, but new handlebar and stem are progress in reverse

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by vlastrada

Super nice - and cheers for the weights, 900g pretty good for a 50cm was ~ 950g (matt/white, '13)

@ maverick_1- Looks awesome with the 80mm Boras ;-) though in your shoes i think i might be on the cipo RB1000 90% of the time

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by ttigg

hotness! :thumbup:

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