Shoe's? Sidi or Giro

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by TheCannibal

Time for some new shoes as the soles are coming of my exustars!

Sidi ergo 3's or Giro factors?

Any one know of any new offerings from Giro coming soon?

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by SolidSnake03

I would try to find somewhere you can try them on first, aside from that the Giro I would reckon are much less durable than the Sidi's. My factor's have only about a year of wear on them and yet look pretty tired and I'm not overly hard on my gear. Also, no replaceable heel on the Giro's so when it wears down you have to get creative
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by Weenie

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by bontie

Sidi Ergo 3's will surely be replaced by the shoes the Cannondale team is wearing now. So I would hold off a bit...

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by yoquh

If we are talking team Liquigas-Cannondale they are using Sidi Ergo 3 vent at this time, or they were last time i checked.

You can even buy the sidi ergo in a liq edition, I know as i have them :)

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by ipaul

I believe thecannibal is referring to the boa style Sidi that Sagan was wearing in the tour of Swiss. Anyone know if these have been officially announced?

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by metanoize

have you seen a picture of these? I'd love to see them. Thanks.

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by BeeSeeBee


by Weenie

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