Best light Titanium frame for a large rider?

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by RedRacer

Which brands should I look to for a light weight Ti frame in a large size (~60cm) for a 90kg rider?

I am a recreation rider but a major WW so it must be light! Is sub-1250g realistic? I am just growing tired of the aggressive geometry and harsh ride of my carbon machine.

So far the Lynskey Helix is at the top of my list. Others?

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by Montana

Moots, Eriksen & Firefly deserve consideration

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by XLR8R

I'm not sure if you are going to be happy wirh a <1250gr Ti frame in size 60 when you weigh 90kg.

If you want comfort and light weight try the usual suspects, Like Specialized Roubaix or Cannondale Caad10 with a Canyon or Engage seatpost and 25mm (or 28mm) tires. Add a zipp sl bar and stem and you're good to go.

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by NealH

I would think the Moots RSL leads the Ti class on the weight scale, and I've never read a negative comment on it (or any Moots for that matter). It would easily be my first choice. As said above, Firefly and Erickson are strong candidates too. The upper Lynsky bikes should be suitably lightweight too.

I will also agree that at your weight, the lightest and stiffest option (in the right places) will be the Roubaix although its carbon (which I like). Its a superb bike too.

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by GGG

Serotta, Indie Fab, Baum (you can get full custom with these also)
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by gearguywb

I have been on a Moots RSL the last 18 months. Weigh 210 or so. The best ride I have been on in a long time. The choice of wheels and tires makes a huge difference on the ride, racy and stiff, or more comfortable.

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by Ramjm_2000

For the size frame you're looking at I don't think 1250 is realistic even with a helix or helix OS (that's med/large territory) just too much material required. The other manufactures listed would have the same limitations. As for the RSL it is indeed lighter than a standard Moots but based on the one i handeled at a LBS not really super light (around 1250ish for a 56).

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by bigskyTi

My sz L Archon frame comes in around 1100g or so. You'd be close to 1250g on the XL. The frame is very stiff so maybe not what you are looking for if you want that classic Ti ride.

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by ldamelio

If thinking Lynskey, also look at the R440. Noticeably stiffer than the regullar Helix. I've never ridden a Helix OS so can't comment on that. Ask Jack or Mike at Lynskey. They're very helpful and easily accessible by web or phone. All this being said, I own two Lynskeys and am happy with them (R430 and ProCross). However, if the wait for custom (and possible slight cost increment) aren't factors for you, go with Firefly. Lynskey - great bike. Firefly - ultimate bike. They weren't around when I bought mine, plus I had some shop/team loyalty issues factoring into my purchases.

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by bm0p700f

Try Titan Road Sport frames. The 54cm frames weighs ion at 1100g and is very nice. I know a few folk riding these and they are very happy with them.

Custom frame too or one of stock dimensions. I can supply them as well. The bloke who runs it will suply the frame although it can be built up I work with him on bike builds e.t.c.

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by rustychain

95 kilos and my choice is not ti but one of the new steels. 953 IMO is a better choice for a big rider. My Independent Fabracation is the best frame I've ever tried (hey it was built for my geometry and size). You weight goal for a frame is not going to happen unless your happy with a noodle at your weight. My IF is 6.85 kilos at the moment with no weight restricted parts but the frame is north of 1500 grams. I wanted a stiff ride, if you go lighter with ti at our size things get soft. 953 is stiffer then ti if weights are the same and is more scratch and dent resistant
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by nspace

Just to add more data to the thread, my Lynskey R330 (medium) came in at 1480g. Sub 1250 might be tough, or noodley.

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by Dcgriz

Too light of a bike + too heavy of a rider = bike all over the place

If you really want a sub 1250 gr frame you may need to look into the Ti/carbon combos to get more choices and still end up with a setup that will have a chance of performing under your weight.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

A Baum Corretto, even in that size, will be around the 1250g mark for sure.

Less depending on how much butt they put in the tubing. Less again if you go a bare metal finish (which looks damn good!)

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by metanoize

Anyone who says Ti is not stiff enough at the OP weight has no idea what modern custom Ti frames are like.

I'd say get Baum, Seven or Moots all are custom. Get a nice set of stiff wheels too (almost as important as a stiff frame). Something built with Alchemy or Tune hubs at 28/28 spokes. You'll be very happy. Or get Carbon wheels.

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