Carbon water bottle cages what to get?

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by Arky

Have you considered using some acetone to remove the lettering?

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by rodebaron51

Indeed the Aurundels are very nice.

I still also like the Colnago carbon cages (of course only nice on a Colnago frame).... they are as light as the Aurundels and bit easier to fit the bottle in.

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by kac

I have Arundel Tridents and Zipp. No problems with either one.


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by Dammit

Smud Carbon cages are very good- if you can buy them.

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by konky

I have been using Arundel Mandible cages for 3 years now on my Cervelo and love them but I like the Tune Universal ones, that are on my WW bike, as much but for different reasons. The Tune cages are about the same price but half the weight.

Sometimes I feel the Arundel cages feel too grippy. You have to give the bottle a real yank and push to get it out and in. Having said that my Mandibles are like new after 3 years of hard use. I've only had my Tune Universal cages a few months.
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by Fourthbook

+1 for the Tune cage: mine is <20 grams, cost ~$60 w/bottle (by TACX) and holds securely while also enabling easy in/out. Can't imagine a better balance of weight, performance and price.
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by rustychain

I have used and broken hundreds of dollars worth of lightweight carbon bottle cages. I was about to give up on carbon bottle holders but tried the Arundle Mandibles and am very happy.
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by dgasmd

I've had some equal to the New Ultimate ones, but they are discontinued now. They all had the bottom tab break at the 1-3 years. Now have arundel mandibles. They weight almost 3x as much and have the grip of death on the bottles. Hard to come and hard to go in comparatively speaking. New Ultimate were out everywhere at the time, otherwise I would have gotten those. Getting 4 now of any other would not be a wise investment.

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by BeeSeeBee

I'll also put in for Arundel anything. I've gotten four on ebay for less than $100 total I think, the Dave-Os tend to go pretty cheaply if they're used. ... te=1&rt=nc

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by 1415chris

-1 for Wassertrager, don't understand these +s. Very poor finish and weight not up to today's ww standards :)
Had one and I wasn't happy at all (years ago).
IMO, there is no competition for Smud cages, in this category. I had his first version, few years ago. At that time, similar weight but much better finish than tune. Now using his 5g cages.
Very happy, they work perfectly and look very minimalistic which is a huge :thumbup: And you can get ud finish.
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by njleach

Ditto the Arundel Mandibles - i've had them on a number number of bikes over the years - never lost a bottle, light and they look the part (matte carbon, oil slick etc..) :thumbup:

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by fio

Another vote for the Arundel Mandible. I've been super impressed with their grip, and they seem to be very durable as well. I've never thought twice about slamming a bottle in there. I'm very happy with mine.

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by TOflat

I've loved the Topeak Shuttle carbon cages on my Cervelo, but when they went with the bike, I swapped to the Arundel Mandibles. Awesome cages all around.

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by EvenKeel

Picked up the Arundel Mandibles from Artcyclery for ~49.99 a piece using a save15 coupon code (15% off).

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by Wingnut

For me there are only two brands I'd buy...Arundel (I've have the same Dave-O's since 2005) or King cages in either Ti or stainless....
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