2010 Cannondale SRM on the EVO

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by ParisCarbon

Whats the verdict on running an SRM on the EVO frameset??
I have a 2010 SRM, and have read varying stories from rubbing to the way that apparently works which I understand is SRM PF30 bearings, removal of seals, SRM axle, and use the old BB30 SRM dustshield... Ive contacted SRM but they don't reply....
I have also read that there was a new SRM issued for the Cannondale which is for the PF30 bearing...
Can anyone confirm any of this?


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by Rev

I'm about to find out soon :wink:

Assuming you're talking about a hollowgram SRM, there is a tech doc from SRM that suggests on top of requiring the SRM specific axel, you either need to replace the non drive side SRAM PF30 dust shield with a Cannondale BB30 dust shield as you already mentioned or replacing the SRAM PF30 bottom bracket with a Cannondale bottom bracket

SRM-PowerMeter Cannondale SI Installation Cannondale SuperSix Evo Frame
Information about the 2012 Cannondale SuperSix Evo frame and fitment regarding the current Cannondale SRM PowerMeter (and older version)
Below is the proper installation process for correct fitment.
Both old and new PowerMeter will fit on EVO frames, but one of the following two steps need to be done:
1. Replace the dust shield on the non-drive side of the SRAM PF30 BB with the standard Cannnondale dust shield. The Cannondale dust shield is thinner and this will shift the entire crank over to the drive side by about 2 mm. Use the special SRM spindle that is available from Cannondale as QC850.
2. Take out the SRAM PF30 BB and replace with Cannondale KP197/SRM. This is a set of BB cups with bearings that have a lip on the drive side that is only 1 mm thick (with a 0.5 mm chamfer - drawing below) as opposed to the SRAM cup that has a 1.5mm lip. This should also be used with the SRM spindle and the advantage of this option is that the whole crank is not shifted quite so far over to the drive side.

I'm probably 3 or 4 weeks away from picking up my Evo, but I'll let you know how I go when I do

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