Carbon water bottle cages what to get?

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by G6612

Well the bontrager cages are a little beat up so looking for new cages. Anyone have any recommendations or have any luck with the cheap ones on eBay, They kind of look good.

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by djm

I'm very happy with my Arundel Mandibles. Best cages I've ever had.

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by refthimos

djm wrote:I'm very happy with my Arundel Mandibles. Best cages I've ever had.

Anything Arundel is gonna be good. Have both DaveOs and Mandibles. Very nice.
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by russianbear

Pair of mandibles is like what $120? Seems silly to spend that much on a nonfunctional part. Ebay away.

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by Arky

Bontrager rxl. Light, holds firm, and cheaper. Is that what you had?
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Happy with Arundels.

Have you searched the multiple threads on this?
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by wojchiech

I've got a pair of ebay cages. 40g for the pair with bolts, paid $40 for them. 6 months in no problems. In fact I like them better than my old tao cages, where the tabs break off every 6 moths...

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by G6612

Yes I have the bontrager rxl in black the white parts are getting a little marked up. Would like to have an all black carbon.

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by G6612

What eBay cages did you get for 40.00?

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by Frankie13

I love Blackburn cages. Great quality!

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by crohnsy

Removed. No unsoloicited advertising please.

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by Zitter

arundel mandibles, best i've ever used

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by Martin1977

What about Tune cages? No one uses them? I bought theese: ... 0-wasserträger-uni
and I'm very happy with them. They work great even on bad roads with 0,7l bottles.

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by DMF

+1 on the Tune Wasserträgers! Had a pair for years, unfortunatly broke one on purpose because the alu bolt stuck to a Ti-frame, my bad not using any anti-seize compound so had to cut up the cage to be able to drill out the bolt. That one was still in use some 2 years, the other one has been going strong for about 5 years now on both the mountainbike and on the roadbike. Have to mention that for about 4 of those years it's had a bit of carbon chipped off, about 2x2mm wide and more than half way thru the carbon and it's still holding up well even on a mountainbike with 750ml bottle!

And it's like 27-30€, comes with a bottle, and weighs 9,5g incl. bolts! Only thing is, it only takes Tacx bottles, though I don't think anyone anywhere should have a problem sourcing those...

I'm sure the Arundels are slightly better, but at this price - at this weight - at this longevity, and the fact that it actually works great too, it's a freakin´ miracle of a bottle cage! My 2 c's.

EDIT: Oh right, not talking about the new Uni-version, but the old one that is sort of a closed loop.

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by CTracer

Arundel Dave-O's or Manidbles. Can't go wrong. Do a Google search and you can find then for < $50 each on sale.


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