Tour de france 2012 predictions

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by stella-azzurra

The tour is almost starting and we have seen some of the possible favorites in the last few big races and classics.

What is your pick?

I am going with

Evans ------->Yellow
Cavendish --->Green
Gesink ------->KOM

Second place on GC: Wiggins

Third place on GC: Nibali, Frank Schleck

Alternate Green: Sagan

Alternate KOM: Sanchez

Dark Horses:
Hesjedal ------->Yellow
Kittel --------->Green
Valverde ------ >KOM
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by yongkun

Definitely wiggo year!

by Weenie

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by tinchy

sagan green - not only can I see it being difficult for sky to win both yellow and green, sagan will hoover up a lot of sprint points on the days that are not so pan flat which cav will struggle to get.

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by Wingnut

If there were more mountains I would say Evans but this course appears to favour Wiggins...unfortunately...
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by Murphs

Yellow: Evans, Wiggins, Menchov
Green: Sagan (Cav will go home early)
Mountains: Don't really care but.. Jelle Vanendert
White: Pierre Rolland

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by racermech

Wiggo will crack. Mentally I think he will loose it

Cav will not take green, and will win lower then expected stages. Olympics are the goal for him

Evans will take yellow, but I think he will have to fight some new guys, or people who would just not fully expect to be up there.

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by prendrefeu

The favourites will crash out.
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by NAKaveli

Predict the usual: GC riders scared to make attacks against each other in the first two weeks, Garmin Barracuda taking team honors, more drama from the remaining Schleck and his team, Liquigas making mistakes riding for Nibali instead of Sagan on stages that don't finish in mountains, Cav taking handful of sprints early and trying to be a team player helping Wiggins with Yellow, and a tour with more than usual break away winners. :o

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by ave

I'd prefer Evans winning again, but predictions are a different matter.

Yellow: someone "unexpected", not Evans or Wiggins. Like Valverde, Hesjedal, Geskink.
Green: Sagan
Polka: random rider who can climb ok, and get a number of points early.

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by konky

Looks like Wiggins is the unpopular choice.


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by fletch62

ave wrote:Yellow: someone "unexpected", not Evans or Wiggins. Like Valverde, Hesjedal, Geskink.

If ValvPiti wins the Tour i am giving up cycling for golf.

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by KB

If you're a betting man, Evans and Wiggins are no good, the odds are too short. Wonder what price you could get on Froome; outside bet and maybe worth a punt. Good climber, good TT, finished second in the Vuelta.

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by sawyer

LOL at the anti-Wiggins brigade on this forum over the past few years ... could be uncomfortable result for them!

I actually think Wiggins will crack too. He hasn't shown he has what it takes over three weeks in a Grand Tour yet, and has always had at least one moment of weakness.

I think Evans will will, but he'll need the team to up their game.
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by Willier

A while ago I said:

Willier wrote:Mine Tour de France prediction:

1. Wiggins
2. Evans
3. Nibali
4. Brajkovic
5. Hesjedal
6. VdB
7. Andy Schleck
8. Kiserlovski
9. Vockler
10. T. Danielson

Now that Andy is out, I will go with Horner
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by Weenie

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