Wheel makers that use old Zipp molds

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by ultyguy

So there's definitely a few wheel manufacturers out there that are using older non-dimpled zipp molds that have somewhat of a toroidal shape out there. From what I can figure out, I think there are the following, but I'd love to get some verification and/or additions to this list?

American Classic (2010 and 2011 versions, but am not so sure w/ their new updated ones)
Miche- Supertype 358 and 558?
Rolf- on almost all of their offerings

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by musk3t

Tune have used the older type Zipp rims on wheelsets (still with Zipp branding) and Topolino's wheels use the older 303 rim also.

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by MajorMantra

Not sure if they were toroidal, but Flashpoint is another. I'm also not sure they still exist.

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by droptop

flashpoint rims are now the deep sram wheels (happened when sram bought Zipp a few years back). don't know about the shape, but worth looking into.

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by 53x12

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by ayyyyy

ultyguy wrote:Rolf- on almost all of their offerings

zipp rims went out the window for 2012, for the most part anyway

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by justkeepedaling

Cane Creek?

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by coachboyd

I don't think there's any brand out there now that uses the old Zipp rims as I don't think they make them anymore. American Classic moved to carbotech, Rolf is usingg Reynoldsfor clinchers and their own mold for tubulars. Cane creek used to use Zipp rims but they don't make wheels anymore. I don't think Williams has ever used Zipp rims.
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by aerogurl

At various points over the past few years:

Cane Creek Aros
American Classic

I need a 28* smooth 58mm tubular. Killed one in a crash and now I have an orphan wheel. I hate orhpan wheels!

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