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by kac

Even Jamie Dimon would be rendered speechless...

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by quaman26

Super nice bikes. Makes me drool.

by Weenie

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by FilmAt11

madcow wrote:Our first project with artist Geoff Mcfetridge. 10 pounds Di2 with lots of bells and whistles.


This is one of my favorite non-stealth builds, high-end absurdity! Is that raised paint or decals on some of the graphics?

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man


Thanks for sharing :thumbup:

It shows how passionate shops can be about their work , and not just pushing the normal stock.

Think the Crumps are top notch!!

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by elviento

It's like a porn movie starring all Vitoria Secret models...

Really dig the webmaster's ti rig.
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by Stolichnaya

Really dig the webmaster's ti rig.[/quote]

I don't think English is building with ti... or did you mean Troy's bike?

Vittoria Secret... hahahaha. Priceless. Well done!

Oh, and very nice builds, MadCow. Very nice indeed.

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by 46and2

madcow wrote:A Vuelo Velo built by Blacksheep that we did, unfortunately I don't have many pictures of this one.


Do you have any more info of this bike?

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by kgt

Amazing job! Congrats!

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by Montana

Nicely done Madcow! Thanks for taking your time to share these amazing bikes you have crafted :beerchug:

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by gravity

Porn overload! I'll come this forum in two weeks time as I have fulfilled all my bike porn quotas until then.

But seriously, that Pego takes the cake!

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by Epic-o

Amazing collection :thumbup: :thumbup:

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by mythical

Awesome thread! All hail the great Jason for this overwhelming amount of bike lust! :beerchug:
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by dereksmalls

madcow wrote:And of course we couldn't do a gallery without showing our current record holding worlds lightest. Spin frame with custom everything.


So much awesomeness on one bike!

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by LiveFastRideHard

Simply Marvelous, would love to know the weights of them all. :beerchug:
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by Weenie

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by mjduct

do yourself a favor and go shopping at FWB, every time I get a box from them I'm amazed at how light even the box is knowing that I've got chainrings/ skewers/ bolts/ brakes / whatever in there, plus packing materials. they don't just build good stuff, they sell the best, and have top notch customer service.

(this is all my opinion and I am only affiliated with fairwheel bikes as a customer, and a very satisfied one at that if this is against some protocol on the forum please accept my apology)

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