Shim for a stem, sensible?

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by TimF

Hi all,

Bit stuck at the moment. Looking for a stem for a 25.8mm bar, there aren't many out there, certainly no choice on the used market. Thinking of getting a stem shim to go to 31.8. Are there any downsides? Any light shims about if a good idea?

Bar is lightweight carbon.

Thanks, Tim

by Weenie

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by speedwobbles

I wouldn't if you ever pedal out of the saddle. That's too crucial a connection for extra unnecessary interfaces.

Just my two cents.

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by HillRPete says
Unofficial in-between size used by some Italian handlebar makers for handlebars designed to be usable in either ISO (25.4) or Italian (26.0) size stems.

If you try that, use friction paste generously.

A shim with a bigger clamp is certainly a possibility too, many people are using such a setup. The only potential problem with lightweight carbon bars is that you might not be allowed the torque to tighten things securely.

Anyway a quick google brings back quite a few results for "25.8 stem" ...

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