Mavic CXR 80

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by 53x12

New aero wheels from Mavic called the CXR 80. Video here on their development and design: ... .behttp://
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by campbellrae

Some other info on them here: ... ls--34221/

Think they look pretty good, very impressive if they areas aero as Mavic claim! The blades seem like an interesting idea, wonder if other brands will start to come out with similar things or if they are just marketing rubbish in spite of the claims...

Phill P
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by Phill P

The clip on fairings should be banned by the UCI according to their normal judgement of aero additions.

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by HillRPete

Phill, I think there was one race already last year where the Garmin team mechanics had to tear them after the inspection / prior to the race. Anyway it only seems to matter when you're not going fast enough -- at high yaws :lol:

All the blurb about the wheel goes down easily, and the prospect of affordable 2nd hand 808s will also delight many :mrgreen:

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