my speed on the flats is poor, i lack leap to sprint speed

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by backflat

how can i become better ?

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by Rick

I would suggest practicing leaping to sprint speed and then going fast on the flats.
I am not being a total smartass, either, although I am chuckling right now. :P
I really do think training for what you want to be able to do is the most effective.

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by beardking

how far do you want to ride "fast" for on the flat? is it just for a race, TT's or a group ride?

first thing first make sure you can complete the distance at a steady pace. so do a couple of slow rides a week about the distance you're aiming for.
then (in a separate ride) do some intervals shorter than that distance at a higher pace than you would do the full distance. 2 x 20 minute intervals if its a long distance, 4 x 5 minutes or something if its a 10 mile TT.
then in another ride work on your sprints.

or you could go out on group rides with a club which will push you to ride faster and depending on the group might involve some sprints. much more fun than training rides if your goal isn't super serious

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by darkblue08


It would help if you describe you actual training the last 4 weeks.

In general: One or two long weekly rides , two interval sessions pr week, one Vo2max and one FTP and one or two tempo rides. This will improve you power/ speed on the flats.

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