BMC Race machine 2012 vs Felt FC 2012

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by 53x12

I Agree with KWalker. Both frame will fit differently so definitely check that out. Also what about price? The FC frame runs at $1649. The Race Machine runs $2999. That is some significant coin if you ask me. Could make the difference in how you build the bike or the type of wheels you go with.
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by spatz

Hard pressed to feel the difference between identically specced Race and Team machines in the road riding them back to back over rough and hilly terrain. Go with the Race and save the money... just as I'd go with the Cervelo R3 over the R5. Between the BMC and Cervelo I found the BMC to be smoother and just as stiff, and have better handling. Work as a retailer for both brands I get to ride both a fair amount over the course of the year. I'll leave it to other to sing the praises of the Felts however. ;)

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by justkeepedaling

I've found the R5 VWD (not to mention the CA) to be at least as good as the BMC's in terms of ride and handling, and much lighter frameset as well. That said, I would definitely not say no to a BMC (I just prefer that extra bit more road feel). But the Felt is the much better deal here than the BMC's.

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