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by Dellucci

Hello I've done some searches and I can't find any Road Handlebar in Alloy witch is lighter than the one from KCNC....

Does anyone knw about a lighter one...
Please help me find something good...

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

No idea what the KCNC weighs, but the lightest I know is the Deda 215 shallow, with 215g in the smallest width.

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by 1415chris

KCNC scandium in 44cm 223g

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by Stefano


If you are not opposed to buying new or NOS, there used to be several bars from 3t that were under 200gr in 42cm width. That said, the reason nobody makes these anymore is because when carbon came out, it was stronger, lighter and stiffer. Aluminum that thin is also just as fragile as carbon, so there is no real durability advantage anymore either. Do yourself a favor and buy carbon, or if you're set on aluminum, buy something a bit more reliable, like the deda 215s or some easton ea90.

Good luck,


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by LouisN

What stem clamp diameter are you looking for ?

The older, lighter alu bars all have a small clamp diameter.

Louis :)

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by TimmS

If it needs to be 26,0mm I realy like the Syntace Racelite 7075

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by Stockie

I Will make the leap

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by Mackers

I have both the Syntace 7075 and the KCNC Force Scandium (all 40 cm)

The KCNC weighed all of 209 grams, and it's pretty nice, but not as nice as the Syntace, which just feels a little more stable, and fits me that little bit better, for a 25 gram weight penalty.

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by sanrensho

3T Prima 199, weight 200 grams in 42cm (O-O). Durability has been excellent, I have them on two bikes and no noticeable flex compared with other aluminum bars, although I'm a lightweight.

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by Camilo

wassertreter wrote:No idea what the KCNC weighs, but the lightest I know is the Deda 215 shallow, with 215g in the smallest width.

Are you basing the Deda weigh on actual bars you have, or the manufacturer. Sure, the "215" name is supposed to indicate the weight, but I've never seen a listing below approximately 230 grams on this site or any other. My 215 shallows weigh that (232 g).

Like most things Deda, not what they say they weigh. but nice bars and quite light weight.

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by justkeepedaling

The old 3T stuff is nice.

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by thecounty

ITM visia bars are usually around 230. And they're only 30 bucks!

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by djay001

i also had the 3t prima 199 in 42cm, i buy it for 30$ on ebay

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by cerro

wassertreter wrote:No idea what the KCNC weighs, but the lightest I know is the Deda 215 shallow, with 215g in the smallest width.

Dreamweight of the Deda handlebar or have you actually seen it on a scale? I had one in smallest size, 40 c-c, 42 dedasize and it was 223 or a bit more if I remember correct.
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

by Weenie

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by ticou

Excuse my french, but fudge weight weenieing when it comes to bars. Go to Dash for everything else, but proven reliability with bars is all- I use Deda 100, it's used by some pro's, it's got a good rep, it's in the early 200 g's, enough said.

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