Anyone have this lightweight hard B&W travel case?

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by baldkingpin

Looking at cases for travel primarily from CA to Hawaii. Everyone I know has a Trico or Thule but this case gets good reviews and I like that it's reputed to be the easiest to open/close/pack with very few strap/buckle breakage issues. I go to the islands 1-2x/yr. and will be shipping a back-up rain bike for training. Since I'm not shipping any of my good race bikes and will only be using it 1-2x/yr., I'm not super concerned about the very best protection (I think Trico may offer that), tho' this one gets good marks for that as well. This one also seems to have a good wheel system for rolling around airport, to car/hotel, etc., and is relatively small (l+w+h = 79").


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by ParisCarbon

Although large(r)...have you looked at the TriAll3 cases? I send my best bike with me to Hawaii sometimes 2X per year from the middle of Canada and have never had an issue. You can insert a PVC pipe in the middle of the case to support it laterally so it cannot be collapsed... Not sure what airline you travel, but since its my second bag on WestJet I am paying anyways so I load it up like crazy! I get my bike, floor pump, and all the wearable cycling articles in there.. coming home I'll throw some small purchases in there as well..
I rent a Dodge Calibur when I go to Maui, and I just fold the rear seats down, and it lays on its side perfectly. I then just put my suitcase and laptop on the front seat...

by Weenie

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by Geoff

+1 for the Triall3 Sports product...

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by strobbekoen

The quality of that case is kinda crappy, especially the latches.
I have one but I didn't use it because it felt so weak..
I am using a Serfas case, it's very solid.

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

I have the B&W case, which I have used two times from Denmark to Korea and back + a trip to Spain, so 14 stints in all. No complaints from here. The latches seem a bit weak, but I have not experienced any problems with them.

by Weenie

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by tweets

Yeah got two of the B&W touring boxes, no complaints here.
Prob 10-15 flights no probs apart from losing one of the wheels from the corners.
Bit of a weak spot if baggage handlers drop the case on a corner. Mine came with spare wheels so easy to replace.

Originally had the larger square B&W case but it was just too big, started to get trouble going thru scanners at airports

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