Hollowgram SL vs Dura Ace 7900 shifting performance

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by quaman26

Has anybody compared the gifting performance of the Hollowgram SL vs the Dura Ace 8900 crankset ? I know the weight wise, Hallowgrams blows Dura ace out of the water. But can it match the shifting perform and of the Dura Ace cranks ? I have aDura Ace cranks and am contemplating on buying a Hollowgram crank for the Evo I am building but I am worried about shifting performance. So any advice or experience on hi matter would be appreciated.

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by tcurtbike

I got socks from my Hollowgrams last Christmas.

Ohh, shifting performance? I'm running Hollowgram SISL with Cannondale MKV rings with 7900 and I get excellent shifting performance. The only time I ever drop my chain is when shifting from the 53 to the 39 while cross-chaining but even then it's rare and honestly, to be expected.
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by Dammit

I'm running MK-V rings on Hollowgram SL's with 7970, works really well.

I did hear (a post on wattage the other day) that you should use 0.6mm shims to move the big ring out if not using 7900 rings.

I'll try that and see if it improves the shifting- the one thing I will say is that I don't think my shifting is quite as good as a full Di2 demonstrator bike that I rode a little while ago.

But then I'm running a KMC chain, Cannondale rings and Cannondale cranks with an SRM- so it's not the complete system.

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by BeeBee30

It may not be pretty but it sure shifts well, even more so since I binned the pictured Red front mech and slapped a 7900 front mech on 8)
Whats needed is a dedicated 7900/Hollogram front spider that matches the shapes of the rings or at least a plastic/carbon fibre cover that clips into place over the existing spider to blend the shape of the outer ring better. Project for someone?

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