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by iamtak

I am looking for the narrowest "classic" drop bar I can get my hands on - something long the lines of the Deda shallow, WCS Classic or Rotundos. I'm running 40cm Rotundo, but I was hoping to get narrower.
I know there's some variation in how bar widths are measured, so I was hoping that there might be some other bars that are effectively narrower than the 3t's.

Alloy and light are preferred, but fit trumps all else.
I am not interested in ergo bend bars, thanks.

by Weenie

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by Cyco

Salsa Pro Road Small. Available down to a 34cm width
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by wulfy117

Not exactly traditional, pro-lite chivetta are dirt cheap and worth a try.

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by BdaGhisallo

You might be able to find some Easton TKO track bars in 38cm if you really hunt. They are the same bend as the venerable Easton EC90 Equipe Pro - 130mm drop and 75mm reach. They are heavier than the Equipe Pros since they were made for track racing, but they will work just fine on the road. Barring that, you can get the Easton SLX3 in 38cm. They aren't strictly a traditional drop, but they are as close as any of the new style ergo bars.

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by Briscoelab

Specialized makes their classic drop SL carbon bars in a "women's" size... basically exactly the same as the normal ones, but narrower.

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by yeagermeister

Although it's not a classic bend bar, have you tried ergonova's? They come in a 38 and don't feel like a standard "ergo" drop bar which I typically don't like.

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by Porschenut

I think that Zipp measures their bars as outside-to-outside. If that's the case then their 40cm is more like a 38-39cm. Their Carbon SL bar in a traditional bend just happens to be on sale at Price Point for $100 right now. Yes, that's not a that's not a typo. It's really only $100.

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by CamW


Shame the shipping to my country is over half the price of the bar :cry:

by Weenie

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by headwind816

OP - are you CONUS? I have a VCRC classic/traditional bend handlebar that I found too narrow. It is approximately 76mm reach and 132mm drop and weighs in at 228 grams. The drops flare outward, and my best measurement is that it is 38cm at the hoods (ctc) and 40cm at the end of the drops (ctc). If you want them, PM me and we can sort out the details.

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