Supersix Evo + hollogram SISL compatiblity!

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by KH

Hi All,

I'm having real problems determining the compatibility between my new Cannondale Supersix Evo frame and my existing SISL chainset. I have received several different answers from different people at Cannondale so the WW knowledge base might be my final hope!

Firstly I was told by Cannondale that I would need a new chainring spider (130BCD) and lockring. This was ordered and the shop then looked at it and decided it was the same as my existing spider and that this only applied to older hollogram spiders. So they installed my existing spider.

The chainset was then installed but I am not happy with hand a decent push gives it less than half a complete pedal revolution, the gap between spider and lockring is almost non existent, I am unable to tell if it is rubbing or not but I suspect it is. When installed in my old Supersix the cranks would spin pretty freely...

Having spoken to Cannondale again it appears the crux of the issue may be whether I have a Gen 2 or Gen 3 spider, they are unable to help me determine which I have. Apparently if I have Gen 2 I will definitely need to install that newly ordered spider. Is there any way of telling?

Any advice would be gratefully received, so frustrating to have a new bike and not be able to resolve this. I could live with most issues but even if the extra friction is costing me 10 watts that is going to be crucial in races.

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by JourneyLightly

I hadn't heard of different spiders. When I was looking into whether I could use my Si SL on an Evo, I remember reading that installing on the Evo requires a different spindle in order to have adequate clearance. It's a Cannondale part and is the version of the spindle used for Si SL's with SRMs. The length is the same, but the flange width or offset is slightly different. Hope that helps!

EDIT: Oops, I just remembered this spindle advice was from Quarq last year, for using a Cinqo and Hollowgram on the Evo, not a plain Si SL. Sorry about that! Looks like a couple people have chimed in with the correct info on the Hollowgram spiders, though.
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by mattlawro

billspreston wrote:From just a few weeks ago:

I installed my EVO with the EVO specific spider .. The difference I could see with the spider (compact) is that the back is machined to clear the Press fit bearing.
I also installed the EVO specific lock ring which again is machined to avoid the outer rim of the press fit bearing. These were fitted onto a standard c'dale spindle.

This combination is working perfectly.

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by greenmachine

Sorry i didn't get to reply to this earlier so pointless now but the spiders are different as you now know, we came across this issue already. Hopefully the big C will be a little quicker off the mark with info on stuff like this in the UK next year. Anyway glad your sorted.

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by glowder

I got the evo lockring and evo spider and my lbs built it up yesterday including the wavey washer and 2 spacers, but it's still quite tight, only half a rotation when I try to spin it. Should I add more spacers? Any help would be great.

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by upside

Try to take both spacer out.. The Evo's I've worked on just have the wave washer and make sure you have the correct bearing shields. The shields for the PF30 rae different.. so that may be your problem.

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by BeeBee30

I fitted a Hollogram SiSL to a PF30 BB on a Lynskey Helix OS today, the spider and locking are the older non Evo release and it fitted perfectly with the Sram PF30 bearing shields in place and just a wave washer……BUT!!! I used an SRM specific axle where the nd coller is machined away much thinner, I tried a standard axle and it rubbed against the bottom bracket with very little torque added to the mounting bolt. So an alternative solution if you can get your hands on an SRM axle 8)
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