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A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Tapeworm

For your requirements I would suggest combining an easy ride after the weight training.

I'd alternate the 3mins and 30sec intervals week to week, e.g.: week 1 - 3x3mins, week 2 - 4x30sec etc. If getting about ~4 weeks from a particular race for example I'd drop one of the long rides and add the 30sec intervals, i.e.: doing both 3x3min and 30sec intervals in the same week.

For the weight training I prefer and recommend keeping it purely strength focused, as you mentioned - compound lifts, squat (full ROM, below parallel), deadlift, maybe bench and press if you feel the need to keep the upper body strong. Usually 3 sets of 5 reps should do it. The caveat I have with any non-cycling training is Just Don't Expect it to Help Your Cycling. If you keep focus on the strength part of the weight training then it will serve you well in many ways, and not necessarily associated with the bike. If you try to "mimic" or replicate cycling volumes (like doing 50 reps on the leg press) this will a) be a waste of time, b) be an invitation to injury and c) won't get you stronger. Legs will usually feel heavy and maybe sore the following day hence the re-shuffle of the 2x20min efforts. If the 2x20 and 3x3min/30sec intervals are a bit much make day 5 a rest day as well.

Remember to eat well, especially with the lifting. Not allowing the body to repair after any vaguely heavy lifting is a good way to introduce injury.

Day 1: AM Weight session / PM Long easy ride
Day 2: Long easy ride
Day 3: 2 x20mins @ TT/race pace, minimum 10mins rest between efforts.
Day 4: 3 x 3 mins (very hard), 3 mins rest /alternate weekly/ 4x (30sec ON/30sec Off), minimum 10mins rest, repeat.
Day 5: Short easy ride
Day 6: Ultra long ride, include some hills
Day 7: Rest

Continue until progress fails to occur. Then reprogram.
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by olebole

Thank you so much for the input :goodpost: I will definitely try this out!
I don't have a PM at the moment so all the training is based on HR for now.
The weight training is mostly done for fun (you never get tired of the look on the steroid dudes faces when you squat more than they do with your skinny cyclist legs :mrgreen: ) and social purposes and is already purely focused on strength. As long as it isn't interfering or doing any harm to my cycling I will continue to do it.

by Weenie

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