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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Eduards


I would like to build quite light single speed road bike, but my budget is limited. I am a lot into MTB, but have only little knowledge about road bike parts. I have made following list using chainreactioncycles.com

part / weight on CRC / price in euros
Frame Ebay carbon 1150 700
Fork Ebay carbon 400 0 (comes with frame)
Wheels Shimano Ultegra Wheels 6700 1650 350
Brake levers Shimano R400 Brake Levers 260 40
Brakes Mavic SSC Road Brakes - Pair 315 100
Stem Any lightweight 130 40
Handlebars FSA RD-305 Carbon Pro Road Bars 240 50
Bar tape Any Gel Bar Tape 50 10
Cranks SRAM S300 1.1 Chainset with GXP cups 900 115
Chain HG73 Chain 9 Speed 270 15
Skewers Any, but pair 100 10
Seatpost Ritchey WCS V2 250 40
Saddle Selle Italia SLR 140 100
Tyres Any around 200g 2x 420 70
Tubes Any lightweight 2x 180 15
Total - 6400 grams, 1650 euros.
While I am writing this I feel myself that that too high weight / price ratio. My budget is max 1000 euros. What would be reasonable weight for single speed road bike below 1000 euros?

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by DMF

I think you might have forgot some parts, headset, seatpost collar, pedals, singlespeed-kit/sprocket. On a budget those things are atleast another half kilo. And some more money.

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by bm0p700f

How about this for a frame http://www.bowlandoutdoors.com/outdoor- ... rame-.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; lighter and cheaper.

The chainset is heavy I am sure there are lighter. The Miche advanced track cranksets are about £100 and weight 630g but you then need a square taper. I would try to find a used UN73 or UN91 BB. These are pretty light and you will save 100g or so over the SRAM crankset. Or search out a second hand TA (ti) BB, these weigh in at ~150g.

Mavic brakes for 100 euros's. How about Miche performance brakes for £20 (RRP) and they only weight an extra 10grams claimed. That will save some cash. Damm good brakes too.

Road bars, well Thomson are relasing there new bars in September and they will weigh a claimed 195g. I am an looking forward to these but to save money get the cinelli Vai stem and bars. These are cheap (no more than £50) and will weigh a combined ~ 450g depending on size.

Wheels Miche do various wheels for about £100 but weight in at 2kg. With proper single speed wheel though you will only need a cheap freewheel or fixie sprocket.
Tyres try Conti GP4000s 210g and about £30 each.
Tubes try Conti Race 28 super sonic 50g each and about £10 each.

Sub 18lb for 1000 euro should be doable but you will have to choose parts like those I have suggested or similar. Seondhand chainset, bars, wheels e.t.c shoulkd also be concidered to save money.

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by sideshow_bob

wow. 1600+ euro for 6.4kg. i think you can do way better than this.

i've got a generic taiwanese aluminium frame, with reynolds ouzo pro forks, running full 1/8 gear inc truvativ omniums. wheels are kinlin xr200's laced to white industries hubs. i didn't even try and make it light and at about $1500AU it come in at 6.3kg. i think without even really trying i could strip another kg out for less than 1,000AU.

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