Veloflex corsa clincher tires: 22 front and 23 back?

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by poppiholla

Is it wise to mount a 22mm tire at the front and the 23mm corsa at the back?

Is the Veloflex corsa better then a Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp?

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by mjduct

no matter, lots of folks do different sized tires for different effects. That small of a difference isn't likely to change much of anything besides the placebo effect. But if those are the 2 tires you have laying around by all means roll with it (pun intended)

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by poppiholla

No I am thinking of buying some Veloflex corsa clincher tires for my Racing zero's. So I have to choose the 23mm or the 22mm Corsa's. Which size shall I buy.
I also use the Conti Atack/Force combination (22mm and 24mm) and Conti 4000s 23mm tires on the Racing zero's.

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by petromyzon

Go for it! Whilst you are at it, post up some other questions for us to answer..... ham or turkey? White bread or brown? Put your right shoe on first, or your left? Life is full of tough decisions and WW is here to guide you;)

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by poppiholla

Hé, there could be a difference between 22mm or 23mm because most of the time a tires is actually wider then the size so I think I have a legitimate question. So let me ask the question differently. Is a Veloflex corsa 23mm really 23mm?

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by fatmike

I've used Veloflex clinchers for a long time. They used to be marketed as 22mm, now they are 23mm. I'm not convinced the tire actually changed-I suspect they've been 22.5mm all along and they are just rounding in a different direction. I have not scientifically measured. Just going on my hunch as someone who rides these tires.

Either way, it's a great tire and does the 1mm really matter?

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by ProudDaddy

On one of my tubular wheelsets I am running a 22mm Extreme on the front and 23mm carbon on the rear. Seems fine. I tried an Extreme on the rear but a few rides in cut the sidewall, flatted and the tire was trashed. Not sure if it was just bad luck or the Extreme is that much less durable than the Carbon/Corsa. Happened over a rough patch in the road that my clincher veloflex corsas have been over many times.

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by poppiholla

I bought the Corsa clinchers a few weeks ago. I went with the 22mm version because I thought that 22mm is 23mm in reality.
1mm can make a difference by the way. I the tires roll very well and I use them with Michelin Latex tubes.

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by gospastic

They are the same tire. I have both and have measured both are there is no significant difference between the two. Actually if I recall correctly my 22s measured wider. Something like 22.65 vs 22.49 or something like that (I just made those numbers up but that's how close they are).

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by fdegrove


Should there still be a choice I'd put a Corsa 20mm on the front and a 22mm (or 23mm :mrgreen: ) on the rear.
I actually used to ride that combo with a set a Vredestein latex inner tubes and found it to be no different than say a 22/22 combo so I opted for the lighter combination which would also yield some smallish (read mostly insignificant for my kind of usage) aero advantage.
To my mind and given a decent set of wheels this is the closest to riding clinchers that ride like tubulars you'll ever come anyhow.

And yes, the Veloflex tyres are better than the Vred Fortezza Tricomp, much better even.

Ciao, ;)
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