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by Erik13

Hello !

I am a climber from Europe, I weigh 56kg and I am 180cm tall. I would like you to recommend me perfect frame and wheels for the mountains, but I would also like it to be good on the flat. Weight of the frame and wheels isn't the only issue although. I also need them to last long and be resistant.

I would like my wheels to be high rim ( 50 mm or more ) but also resistant because the roads are not very good in my country

My budget is quite low: 1500EUR for the frame and 1000EUR for the wheelset.

Or you can recommend me whole bike for 3500eur with high rim wheels that is lightweight and also bulletproof.

Thank you !

by Weenie

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by weeshuggy

If you are looking for a really good climbing wheel I would suggest going for a shallower rim, like 40mm rim max. Also do you have a preference to carbon or alu; clincher or tubular ??

IMO for a climbing wheel i'd say you should look at all carbon tubs, just a thought but you might be able to pick up a set of nice shimano wheels just now at a really good price due to the whole need to upgrade for 11 speed thing and have a little more for a frame ?

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by shoopdawoop

Maybe look at the Cervelo R-3 or R-3 Team with Ultegra and then pick up some boyd or williams wheels? That would come in around your price range and be pretty rock solid.

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by Erik13

I already have Neutron wheels so I don't need lightweight low rims wheels anymore. What I'm looking for is tubular, carbon aero wheels for the flat

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by Erik13

Cervelo R3 is really one option I can consider, thank you, but keep on posting all the options are welcome !

But where can you find the cheapest Cervelo frames ?

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by Mr.Gib

I think you can select any top end frame from any major manufacturer and you will have the bones for a great climbing bike. There isn't really much difference. Stiffness and weight is so close with a few exceptions. Cervelo R3 is good but there may be better value to be had. Better to find geometry that you like and then choose the one that handles the best/most stable when descending - this is where you may find differences that are actually significant.

Wheels? At your weight pick anything you like but if you have never tried 50 mm wheels in high wind on a descent, you may want to reconsider. It can get scary for the light weight guys. You also need to keep in mind that you need some cash reserves if you plan to ride tubular tire regularly - the good ones cost $$$ and there is no point in ride bad tubbies.
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by yongkun

180 and 56kg?! You rasmussen?

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by strobbekoen

Your question is like 'find me the perfect bike'. perfect for climbing, good on flats, bulletproof, fill in any adjectives.
The first question should be which geometry do i need to suit my fit ?
The next question should be do I prefer shallow rims or deep profile and at which speeds do i ride ?
What you feel good riding and suits you makes you comfortable and faster.
Nobody can tell you the answer really, only you can.
It's like asking a guitar player which guitar he needs, only he can find that out.
Just try stuff out and figure out what works for you.
good luck :)

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by CharlesM


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by shadwell

At that weight you could ride a barn door and still likely smoke the rest of us fuller gents. (and ladies).....

I sugget you get some steel rims and conti Giro tubs.. they would be bomb proof and unlikley to slow you down... (enough !!)

Joking aside.. the Bontager Aeolus 3d3 tubs are such a good all rouder.. they are my fave wheelset now, slightly ahead of HED stinger 4's.... I'd invest in these and not worry about the rest of the bike...

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by sjc166

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX is a good all rounder and within your budget. Well worth a look.

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by prendrefeu

Erik13 wrote:Or you can recommend me whole bike for 3500eur

Luckily, for you, you live in Europe.

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 w/ Dura Ace will be just a little bit above your budget, at 3799€

Or if you prefer Campagnolo
Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 "Pro" at the same price, 3799€

But, really, at your weight - and if you really work on your training, the bike won't be an issue holding you back. At which point you can save about 1200€ from your budget and go for one of these:
Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0 "Pro" with Campagnolo Chorus

Also check their outlet for good deals if you find your size:

Overall, if you save money you can use that to upgrade components.

Good luck.
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by Erik13

I got a lot of new ideas, thank you !

But I have considered Trek Madone and Scott Foil frames as well, what do you think of them ?

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by natiedean24

Whoah there pardner! Stay on track. You want a climbing bike. Don't need any of that aero stuff on the foil. Don't need a Trek. I don't even think they allow them into your parts.

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by ave

Canyon CF Ultimate. If budget is limited, it's the best climber's bike you can buy.

by Weenie

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