Too many bike hub store front hubs! Which one?

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by TimF

Hi all,

Just looking at the Bike Hub Store site and see they have loads of front hubs... Hmmm

I don't want the absolute lightest one If it compromises on stiffness for the sake of 6 grams! What about the wide ones? ... slf78w.htm

Any advice guys?

Cheers, Tim. :beerchug:

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by yz387

I cannot comment on all of their offerings, but I recently built up a wheel using the wide one you referenced. I chose it due to the improved flange spacing and bearings over the lighter model. I have been extremely satisfied with it.

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by artray

I doubt that 6grms will make any odds if the wheel is built well.

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by Wookieopolis

I've built up wheels on both hubs. Definitely go with the wide hub. In addition to the wider flange spacing it had larger bearings as well. The wide hub built up a very stiff wheel, the 66 gram hub, not so much.

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by Gregorio

I have 2 sets of the double bearing model. They seem great to me. Plenty stiff 20h on 30mm kinlin and the other is a 24h on a 27mm kinlin rim. I am 72 kg.
I would like to try the wide flange hub.

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by TimF

Thanks all. Much appreciated

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