My custom Cannondale Bad boy project.

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by notsoswift

BmanX wrote:What about I-Link shifter cable housing .

Good result for cask and the micro for the shift

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by BmanX

You could go Nokon's with the Power Cordz but the I-Links minis for shifting are damn light.

As for the shifter pods going, you should be able to get the shifter under 200g for the pair. I used to run XTR before I switch to SRAM but I had removed the pods and covered the hole with a decal (carbon like circle) and used black aluminum bolts and I think they were 196g per pair.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by quattrings


I didn't mean it was not a cool bike anymore. It's just all the weenie parts haven't made it better, aesthetically speaking.
It's most likely a far better bike in terms of performance. You did a great job in making something unique, and I praise you for that.

About the shifter pods. In my m770 shifter, there was a little plate inside the pod to cover up the hole when the display is removed. I'm not fully up to date which models also have this feature. I'd say, remove them and have a look. You have come this far with real WW parts and the gear pods really add little function on a bike. They add weight and mess up the clean look on the bars.

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by Erhar

Thank you very much for your answers.
I'm working now on which shifter cables i will get to replace the stock ones. Mini i link alligator housings with powercortz cables inside are pretty tempting as long as they work well together.

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by Erhar

Also dura ace front derailleur (66gr) instead of shimano xtr 970 (125 gr), gain=60 grams. The bad thing regarding the weight is that soon i'll have to change the token alloy cassette (102 gr) with a new one and i don't think that it's gonna be an aluminum one again due to quick wear out.I'm thinking abour sram red xg 1090 powerdome 23-11 (135 gr according to sram)which may add about 30 grams to the total weight burt seems to be real good. Does anybody have any comments to make about the specific casette?

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by Erhar

Front derailleur (xtr) has already been replaced by a much lighter dura ace 7900. Here are some photos: ... =3&theater ... =3&theater

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by Erhar

Last months changes:
1) Front -rear derailleur sram red instead of dura ace 7900- weight savings around 20 grams.
2) Sram xx trigger shifters instead of shimano sl r770- seigh savings of about 65 grams.
3) Carbon ti x hubs sl (305 grams) instead of dt swiss 240s disk- weiight savings 110 grams.
4) Rear cassette sram red xg 1090 26-11 (150 grams) istead of token 23-11(100 grams)- weigh gain 50 grams
5) Saddle has been replaced by ax lightness phoenix 62 grams.

The bicycle now weighs 6.72 kgrs.

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by Martin.F

Why not XTR triggers? Aren't they lighter?
WTB Syncros bar/stem unit for foil

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by Erhar

Nope, xtr triggers 207 grams, xx triggers 183 grams. Apart from this the dura ace 7900 front-rear derailleur 10 speed) don't work with xtr triggers.

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by Railton

Great bike. What was the original BB model and do you know the weight of the frame? I am thinking of doing a similar project but there are 100's of BB variations and I can't find anything on frame weight.

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