Which to Build - Opinions req'd...Tommasini Tecno or C40

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by haydos

Hey Guys,

I'm have a small dilemma... :wink:

I've had on order a Tommasini Tecno in the tricolour scheme for a few months now http://tommasinibicycle.com/tommasini_tecno_ita.htm - it's about a week away. Whilst waiting for it, I was lucky to find a C40 Mapei in mint condition in my size which I snapped up quickly as i've always wanted one.

I ride a C59 mainly, but only have enough $$ to build one of them up at the moment as i'm saving for a month in Florence next year to ride and watch the World Champs.

The build kit I already have is:

Super Record 11
Tune 70/170 silver hubs, Enve 25 rims, Vittoria Evo Corsa SC
Deda Superzero, Deda Newton Shallow, Deda Zero100 or Newton Stem (I have both)
Regale Carbon Saddle
Speedplay Zero Ti's

My initial though is to build the Tecno up and ride it as it's different than the C59, then source Record 10speed for the c40 over time...

What do u think?


by Weenie

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by kgt


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by Wingnut

Go the Tommasini... :thumbup:
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by SWijland


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by mrfish

Difficult choice. Clearly the right answer is both of them.

Personally I'd save the SR and put a mid-range Campag groupset and parts on the Tommassini as there's no point in putting a top groupset on a steel frame. Chorus and handbuilt wheels would look almost the same and be functionally identical. Then you could build the C40 with Record 10 or possibly 7700 Dura Ace to be a proper mapeiboy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EifYO3MhQLs.

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by Wingnut

mrfish wrote:there's no point in putting a top groupset on a steel frame.

WTF! :shock:
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by notsoswift

Your plan... is a good one :thumbup:
Tommassi os a bit special and different
R10 matches the C40 nicely

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by LionelB

stick with your plan. It's a good one :wink:

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Sell me the C40 and build up the Tommasini, perfect plan!

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by mriddle

You should have kept your Zabel EPS....
But, go with steel.

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by tommasini

I'll stay out of this as I'm a bit biased - but I like how others have urged it on!!!!

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by c50jim

I'm partial too and would be inclined to build the C40 because they're great and because you have it. I suspect you'll find the C40 quite different from the C59. I'm still trying to find a C59 for my EPS gruppo but have an EPS and C50 and find they're different than the C40 - stiffer for sure and not as supple a ride. On the other hand, the Tommasini looks neat and would make a neat bike too.

One thing you might consider is whether you'll want to switch wheels among all your bikes. If you mix 10 speed and 11, that just won't be possible. On the other hand, if you have several other 10 speed bikes and wheels, you'll still have lots of wheels to swap.

What era Mapei paint do you have? I have a Dream and a Tecnos in the late 90s paint style and a C40 in some style on a late model frame that I don't remember the team using (similar to the one R&A had on EPS a year or two ago).

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by JonF

They are both beautiful... and I'd hang on to them and build them up when funds allow.

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by maverick_1


as much as I like a Colnago, I would go for the Columbus Nemo, all steel Tommasini..
as a matter of fact, I actually purchased a Tommasini Tecno a month ago just for keeps.
never ridden one, though i've been eyeing on a Tecno for years (apart from a Colnago Master).
pretty sure it's going to be an excellent ride.

save the C40 for a later date build-up.

here's my Tecno in blue.


lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

Now that is a thing of beauty! :shock: 8)

by Weenie

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