Strange noise in front brake caliper/cable

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Burning Dogma
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by Burning Dogma

Hi everyone,

For some time, I've been noticing a slight noise while braking in the front. I've tried it with the bike stopped and the noise comes from the caliper or the cable and not from the shifter. It seems there is a bit of friction while pressing the brake and then a more noticeable "clack". All this doesn't affect at all the performance while braking but I wonder where the noise comes from. In the rear brake, everything runs normal. Setup is Campagnolo Veloce (shifter, caliper and cable). Any opinions?


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by weeshuggy

Sounds like the the cable might be a bit rusted. Try replacing the cable and giving the calliper a good cleaning, pivots ect....

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by madmole

Check the pivot bolt to the frame is secure and there is no free play on it
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