Help me to make a decision: Assos Blitzfeder or Climaschutz

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by poppiholla

Hi Guys,

I am in the market for a sleeveless Vest/Shell. I want the Assos Blitzfeder or the Assos Climaschutz.
Boths Vests have strong points but I cannot decide which one will suit me the most. Can you think with me?
The Blitzfeder is a fair bit cheaper then the Climaschutz. Also the pack size is smaller, so it only takes the size of a fist in my jersey pocket.
The blitzfeder is more of a light windbraker and is suitable for light rain for a short period of time. It is a vest for in the mountains when suddenly the weather changes or when you have to go down.

The Climaschutz is 40% more expensive. It is made of an other fabric so it is better against rain and it will better breath. It also has two openings on the back so that the jersey pockets can be reached. It is heavier then the Blitzfeder and the packsize is bigger. I think a little less the size of a jersey pocket. I think that the climaschutz can be used for cycling in the mountains as well and will be great when the weather changes or when you go down. The main advantage is that the climaschutz has a better breathability and rain protection so you can leave it on longer while cycling.

If I now that the rain is coming I can use my long arm climajet rainjersey, so this sleeveless vest is for decending in the mountains and suddenly weather changes. I want to bring the sleeveless vest with me on every ride unless I am sure the weather will not change during my ride.

Which one would you buy and why?

Thanks in advance!

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by shadwell

I have clima jet gilet and blitzfeder gilet...
I have to say the blitz gilet is the best and most versatile bit of kit I have.
Perfect for all spring autumn and winter here..
So 10c to 20c packs down to nothing which means I use it more of the time.
The climajet being a little more bulky and less breathable gets used only when it's wet and likely to say that way for the whole ride.
In summary the blitz is super light but very effective..

Saying all that there appear to be many other comparable these days for less dollar ..
Hope that helps mate?!

by Weenie

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by poppiholla

Thanks a lot. I ordered the blitzfeder yesterday so I made the same choise.

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