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by kevhogaz

I've got a 2011 BH G5 frame, with a BB30 bottom bracket set up.

I bought a Quarq Power meter crank set off of Ebay, specifically for a BB30 bike.

The spindle on the crank set, seems to be to wide. I had to use the two small rings, to adapt to a 73mm shell, and I also had to use every spacer in the box, to get the crank to tighten down. Does this seem right, or did I buy the wrong crank set? It also looks like my chain rings are too far away from the frame, when I compare it to my other bikes.

Any help, will be greatly appreciated.

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by Zigmeister

That is the point of having spacers/thin washers with the BB30. All cranks and their spacing/tolerances are different. The shell of the frame, bearings etc..should all be within the spec/standard CDale has set for BB30 width etc.
I can imagine every crank maker is going to have a tolerance/design that is slightly different of course, hence the reason for spacers to take up any slack on the ND side.

Whatever it takes for spacers to get it to the proper torque value, without flattening the wavy washer, and that allows free rotation of the crank and no play/wiggle is the end result. So how you get to this point isn't a concern IMO. It will vary. You just need to meet the requirements of torque range, free spinning crank and no play. If that takes 2 washers or 4, then the wavy, so be it.

Not sure about how far it is sitting away on the drive side from the frame, there shouldn't be any spacers on that side. Just the dust cover over the bearing, then the crank itself, grease well.

Maybe it is just the look/design of the spider that is giving the appearance of it being further away? Did you measure from another BB30 the distance from the shell to the inner ring to see how different they are between bikes? I would assume there is going to be some slight variance/distance between different brands. A few MMs won't make a big difference that RD/FD adjustments can't deal with properly.

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