Build up R3 or CAAD10?

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by topflightpro

Regarding the crash aspect, the R3 might actually be a better option than the Caad 10.

Aluminum, especially thin-walled aluminum on the Caad 10, does not like to be dented. If you do go down and dent the frame, it won't be long before it cracks. I have had this happen.

At least with carbon you can have it repaired, and it's getting to the point where repairing a carbon frame is cheaper than buying another aluminum frame.

And don't worry about being the Cat 5 with an R3 and Enve wheels - there will probably be someone with a nicer bike in the field.

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by highwater

^ Thanks. I think I will keep the R3 around for now, at the expense of further bling for the CAAD10. I may have to send the CAAD9 out to sea in my quest for hollowgram cranks though. When the time is right, I will transfer my Red stuff to the R3 and make the CAAD10 'bike #2'.

If it's not wholly obvious, I am completely indecisive about this whole situation. I've spent too much time here in Afghanistan only able to consider possibilities, speculate endlessly, and spend my combat pay on bike stuff shipped back home. Two weeks R&R starting June 1st will have to suffice for my actual riding time this year!

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Keep the R3 and CAAD10.

Lose the 9.

Get the SiSl's if you can, otherwise if you're serious about racing get a power meter. Which with the Cervelo and Enve wheels should make the Cat 5 get up complete :wink: :smartass:

(I kid on the last part, a power meter will certainly be the best purchase you could make to improve your strength)

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