DA WH-7900-C24-CL vs 7850-C24

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by KH1

Does anyone know what the difference is between the 7850 C24 and the new 7900 C24 wheelset is? Besides price and graphics.
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by TomHelly

The spoke nipples are black instead of red, and the bearing preload adjustment is different (more user friendly) on the 7900's. FYI I have the 7900's. Haven't poked around inside the hubs yet to see if there are any differences there.

by Weenie

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by terminus

I heard seals are different and faster engagement on 7900, not sure anyone can confirm? Also physically the 7900 hub shell is larger

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by quango2k

i have had both..

newer seals on the 7900, new graphics, black spoke nipples, black skewers. (black skewers only come on non OEM wheels)

proper retail ones will come with black skewers and wheel bags.

best place I have found to buy them is where I got mine.. Hargroves cycles

another good shop, Planet X..they also do C35's and C50's :)
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by terminus

-New Seals
-Rim Cosmetics
-Nipple Color
-Hub Axles Larger
-Digital Click System (for the bearing preload)

-Faster Engagement with 7900 freehub?

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by skogling

I will pick up my new new 7900 tomorrrow and sell my 7850.

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by blantonator


7850's are 20mm wide,
7900's 22mm

by Weenie

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by Hubert

blantonator wrote:also,

7850's are 20mm wide,
7900's 22mm

That is incorrect, both rims are 20.8mm wide.

WH7900C24 tech doc

WH7850C24 tech doc

You can alos compare part #s by looking up the exploded views: 7900 exploded view and 7850 exploded view.

To the OP, I'm currently riding the 7900 C24 clinchers and they're fantastic. Go for it!
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