Damage to Chainstay - advice?

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by drmutley

Hi All...
Recently I have had 2 catastrophic Zipp (188) hub failures, and below is some pics of the damage caused to my left chainstay. The bike is a 2010 Cervelo S3. On both occasions, the drive side spokes pulled out of the failed hub, resulting in the rear wheel wedging hard into the left chainstay, completely fouling the back wheel. In this area, the chainstay is back to bare carbon. There is no obvious cracks, so i am assuming i should just seal the carbon with a resin sealant, or epoxy, or similar? Suggestions? Or should i suggest to Zipp they replace the frame (jk 8) )

Before anyone asks, I'm 80 to 85kgs, and average about 240 to 250w on my normal 3hr flat training ride (ie I'm no 100kg power beast)

Zipp 404 Zedtech

Zipp 303


Chainstay Damage:


Wet day (road grime++!)


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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

No problem if the carbon is intact not grinded down, paint is paint.
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by jsinclair

that kind of looks like sustained tire rub?

Clean it and put a frame protector sticker over it and it should be fine.

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by Johnnysmooth

As long as you're not seeing any loose, frayed fibers, which I don't see in these pictures, you should be fine just touching it up with some clear nail polish.

Nasty fail on that hub, you're lucky worse did not happen.
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by blantonator

chain stay looks fine. put a sticker on it and forget about it.

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by artray

I had the very same mark on my trek , just the clear. I dont think you would get a new frame . I mean Cervelo are not known for the liberal use of there frame warranty policy . I think if the chainstay had snapped and you were now in traction in a hospital bed you might have a chance of a new frame.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

And have you heard from Zipp yet?
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by 2011

That's a quite frighting hub failure. Eeeek! Especially because the exact same failure happened more than once, in the same place. I'm sure you're probably not the only one.

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by kgt

The wheel's failure sucks! But the frame is still fine, don't worry IMHO.

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by bm0p700f

Wow thats a nasty hub failure and straight pull hubs are meant to reduce of wheels going wrong. I hope you have better luck with your new wheels.

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by spatz

Have seen this happen w new Zipp Firecrests with the hub flange breaking off. I can't bring myself to buy a pair having seen too many cracked rims/hubs without their being crashes involved. Who replaces/fixes the damaged frames caused by Zipps failures?

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by lalahsghost

If Zipp decides to say Mea Culpa, could you get them to reimburse your frameset also?

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by drmutley

thanks for the replies guys,
my frame appears ok, but who would be happy with the gouge out of their chainstay because of the shite 188 hubs Zipp use?!?! not me....
after having it looked at by the local cervelo dealer, i will just cover/seal it with some clearcoat and hope it doesnt happen again... it shouldnt happen again, as long as i stay away from Zipp 188 hubs it would seem...

i am waiting on replies from Zipp USA, and the local (Australian distributor) Echelon Sports.

Will post up reponses...
Thanks for the interest guys, and also the BIG DEAL reponse! lol

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