Shimano Ultegra FD 6700 compatible with 2010 SRAM Red

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by KH

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help me with this query...

I have been running 2010 SRAM Red on my race bike (Cannondale Supersix) but using the band on Force FD.

The Supersix is now dead and I have an EVO waiting to be built up. It requires a braze on rather than band on FD and I happen to have an Ultegra FD 6700 braze on in the shed!

Simple question...will it work perfectly or not? Only concern is functionality - it has to be perfect, not too concerned with aesthetics on this occasion...

Many thanks,


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by alexalecu

If your question is about running the SRAM red shifters with Shimano Ultegra FD:
I had the SRAM Red Black shifters with Shimano 105 (5600 IIRC) and then with Shimano Dura Ace 7800 FD - the setup worked perfectly.

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by KH

Thanks...will give it a go!

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by Dustin

Perfectly? No. Well...yes, but cable tension has to be absolutely spot on or else it'll rub. A 6600 would work perfectly.

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by socratease

I've set one of these up before: our shop only had a 6700 derailer, and the bike needed to be done. It was as easy, if not easier to get the position right than with a sram derailer, though you may need to tweak the cage a little bit. Shifted under load perfectly. I would reccomend this setup as being at least on par with a force FD.

Granted, I'm starting to believe that front shifting performance has a lot to do with function of the frame's braze-on adaptor, and I'm willing to bend a derailer's cage until shifting is perfect.

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by daj

I broke my Force FD in a race and the only other FD I had available was a 7800 Dura Ace. I found that it worked better than the original Force FD...

So I think it'll work just fine.

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by KH

Many thanks to all who have replied, hopefully it'll save me £35! My mechanic is pretty handy so I'm confident he will be able to get this to work as you all have.

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by DMF

The pull ratio is exactly the same, and the FD doesn't have a clue what or who is pulling the cable. The only one of the three big ones FD that isn't fully compatible is the DA7900, which should use DA7900 brifters. Works perfectly fine with my 105 brifters though...

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