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by SolidSnake03

JesseD wrote:I have ergo 2's and a pair of Shimano custom mouldable ones which are 3 years old, they are still going strong, really stiff and very comfortable, I actually prefer them to my Sidi's :shock:

There is nothing strange about preferring one company of shoes to another regardless of what each company many be. Shoes and saddles are arguably the most personal aspects of cycling *bibs not included* and as a result there really is NO right answer.

For me for example Specialized shoes tend to feel QUITE BAD. The built in wedge causes me pain on my small toes and the outside edge of my feet, basically I feel like I'm squashing up my little toes into the outside edge of the shoe. However, ton's of people love Specialized shoes and they have been just wonderful for them.

I actually liked my old Sidi Genius 5's MUCH better than my current Specialized S Work's because of the lack of the varus wedge. I also prefer the standard straps and buckle to the BOA. Even though the Sidi's are "inferior" if you look at weight, stiffness etc... they win out in terms of comfort and fit to my feet making them the better shoe even though they are cheaper as well!
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by timzcat


Sounds great and all but you're in Italy and since I am not the fit expert, don't see how that works. How about you start with stating sizes in a measurement such as mm for both length and width. I don't see a wide option so I can assume your sole widths are probably down around a 90 mm like many others (even in wide). I don't like having my foot spill over the carbon sole.


I just picked up another set of Specialized green but am hesitant to fit them to the Bonts if I am considering half size up and going to a vaypor. I have been told by my fitter that Sidi Mega will definitely not be wide enough. I also happen to get some recommendations today to try to eliviate my issues in my current shoes. If it helps at all I will post.

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by vittoriashoes

First, sorry for the delay in responding. I didn't get a notice that there was anything going on the topic.


Actually, I am in the USA. But our factory is in Biella Italy. With the question of a millimeter measurement available, yep, we have that! And we also have it for the width. We offer four different widths all he way up to a EEE/EEEE. We also offer a high and low volume option for people with very thick or thin feet. You should check out the review on our shoes on BikeRumor.

As always, we recommend going to a shop. They are the best way to figure out what you need. We do not allow online sales because you can't guarantee that the shoes are going to turn out right if you are getting a custom.

You can email us at if you need help in fitting or locating a dealer near you.


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