Specialized S-Works FACT SL crankset

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by Juanmoretime

http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBC ... spid=64458

I know these are similar to the Lightning cranks. Anybody have a weight arms only? Like the Lightning will they work with the Zipp bottom bracket?

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Plans to make your bike lighter Juan?
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by Juanmoretime

Lighter is alway an option I like but not the motive behind it. I had a hidden bolt fail on my 4 year plus 25,000 mile Zipp VumaQuad's. I have a replacement bolt on the way but something happening always starts the thought process. Plus I can pick up a set of arms pretty cheap and if it plays nice with my VumaQuad bottom bracket it may be something to consider. Especially if combined with some Specialties TA Heoga rings winds up being lighter. :beerchug:

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by LAN

They will not work with Zipp bb, because the spindle is much shorter than Lightning. They are supposed to work only with BB30/PF30/OSBB.

Regarding the weigh, I have a set of arms on the way, so I can report back. (I also have Lightnings, and can try and compare the)

I think they are a little heavier than Lightning, but are stiffer, and have better ankel clerance. (a problem for me with the Lightnings)

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by Ritterview

Related to this topic, Lightning's 130/74 BCD triple spider is compatible with the Specialized crank. So, if anyone wanted a triple option in a lightweight BB30 crank, the S-Works/Lightning spider is a way to do it.



The Specialized carbon double spider weighs 53 grams, so a triple crank would weigh additionally only that of a 30t chainring (32 grams), 5 bolts (22 grams), spacers (5 grams), and 5 grams more for the spider. This works out to about 64 grams.

FACT SL high-strength carbon construction
Available in standard 130mm and compact 110mm
Carbon spider-specific aluminum chainring bolts
Weight (compact): 45g
Weight (standard): 53g

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by CamW

Sorry its not arms only but its the closest I got. It includes the spider and SRAM BB30 kit.

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by LAN

Just got the crankarms, the weight for a 175mm, with no spider or bearings are 316g

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by mlchang

Would the rings be in the right position using a specialized spider with lightning cranks? Since the bottom bracket and spindle width is narrower on the BB30 cranksets wouldn't the spiders have more "offset" so to speak than spiders for the lightning cranks?
If you add the 2.5mm per side of the bottom bracket plus the 7mm or so for the bottom bracket cup that is a big change in the where the spider needs to sit. Maybe you flip the specialized spiders around?

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by lechat

My complete crank/bb (compact alloy spider, steel bearings, Rival rings) came in at 578gms.

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by WileEcoyote

Reviving an old thread. I have a question about these cranksets. Is there any disadvantage (or advantage) to the split spindle, instead of a one-piece spindle found on most other cranksets?

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by NiFTY

Pretty reliable. I have a set on my tarmac and they have 13,000 kilometres on them and no creaking, nice and stiff.

The Hirth joint is also used by campag for their cranks.
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by kevosinn

im going to order a pair of the 2013 cranks soon and try them out. Ill post some picts when I get them.
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by dayne

Has any one got the 2013 carbon cranks with carbon spiders yet?
Also has any one got the full weight on these yet?
Just trying to work out the saving over my super record 11

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by tropicalstorm

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/3426/1xke.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

guys, check that picture, be careful with Specialized cranks, I almost killed myself today, I'm a cyclist for 16 years and this never happened to me with any shimano cranks, race face or fsa!!!

Looks like several days ago spindle just cracked(i didn't know about it, I just judged by myself by way of crack) and today just broke completly. I talked with few experienced bike mechanics and they said that Spec's crankset are weak like that.

BE CAREFUL, it's really not cool when this brakes!!!

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by CerveloMikey

The thru bolt held them together, correct? Did you crash?
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