Campy 102 square taper BB compatability question

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by rgamble

Is the English/Italian bearing cardridge/axle assembly of Campy 102 square taper BB's the same?

By that I mean can either cartridge bearing/axle assembly be used interchangably with only the appropriate 68 or 70 mm cups changed out?

Thanks -- Rick

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by Mackers


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by fdegrove


Take any Campa 102mm axle, if you have the cups that fit the standard of your frame's BB shell then it will fit.

For example, imagine you have a BSC standard BB axle and frame but the bearings are shot. You have a new one lying about that's conform to the ITA standard.
By simply swapping the cups around you now have a perfectly fine BSC BB again.
And vice versa form BSC to ITA.

Just be careful not to damage the bearings of the new BB as that's very easily done.

Ciao, ;)

P.S Note also that the bearings can be replaced. Regardless of what Campa says....
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by rgamble

Thanks for the info.

I have an old Serotta Colorado II I want to reassemble but all I have on hand are Italian threaded square taper BB's.

As I have a few Record old style square taper cranks I didn't really want to purchase external cups and Ultra Torque for the occasion even though I use that combination on another bike and really like them.

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