Newbie Question - Help with sizing/position for roadie on 29

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by Plugger14

Hi i need a little help with getting my position set on my first mountain bike. I have been riding on the road for a number of years and have my position on the bike well and truly dialed in.

I have a hardtail 29er and I want to get some advice on,

- is my assumption that saddle height and setback should be the same, correct?
- saddle to bar drop in comparison, should I be slightly more upright than on the road bike?
- nose of saddle to virtual handle line.On the 29er I have bars that rise up from the stem. Also given the much wider position of the hands I would expect to be a bit closer to the bar

Is there anything else that I should consider when trying to setup my position?


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by campbellrae

I have found the Competitive Cyclist fit calculator ... ATOR_INTRO to be pretty helpful in setting the position in the right area, then tinkering from there! It certainly set me up pretty well, just a few small details to tweek and I'm happy.

Saddle to bar drop will be different than on the road. Especially on the 29er, unless you are riding an XL frame, as the big wheels raise the front end up pretty high. You will run less drop, but a lot of it will depend on what style of riding you are doing, if it's XC racing you will have a lot more than generic trail riding.

I think mine is currently about 4 inches, compared to nearly 9 on the road bike. However, that is on a 26er hardtail, that might be reduced to 2-3 inches on a 29er unless I switched to a -17 degree stem or something similar.

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by lalahsghost

I think this thread will cover a lot of stuff that you are desiring, and the people looking through this thread are also posting questions/answers that are up your alley.


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