i need your help (climbing tips)

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by Tapeworm

indigo wrote:For VO2 max I have thus far done intervals of [4 X 1 minute on / off] repeated 2-3 times. I don't have a power meter but have understood these intervals to be done at 'ballz out' or as hard as I can. Can people really do these for 10 minutes ?? or am I not understanding this. I'm concerned the sessions above would probably kill me.

Of course an interval a 10x 1min on/off can be done for but it won't be at the same power level and the fatigue will be great. Another variation are "under/overs" where by the power goes slightly higher for 1 min in the oder of 5% of FTP, lower for 1 min etc for 20mins or longer. A "kilo" style effort could not be done repeatedly however.

Interestingly for 2X20 I had heard that the rest period length was arbritary as it is not genuine 'recovery'. Is there any truth in that ?

Well technically speaking "genuine recovery" takes place after proper sleep and nutrition.... but for the purposes of repeating efforts it largely dependant on the individual. The times are arbitrary. There are schools of thought that basing rest on HR, lactate level or time yields the best results, dependant on the adaptation that is wanted.

For the purposes of hitting the required wattage for the 2 x20mins session a 10min rest seems to be around the minimal amount required in order to be able to repeat the second effort at the required wattage, a mental break if nothing else.
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kevinkalis wrote:I trust Strava segments a lot more when the rider has a PM and I can actually see Avg power for a segment. That, coupled with VAM gives a lot clearer picture.

Unfortunately for me, I will only be able to get a pm until the end of the year. I will do the same hill this week and I will keep track of the vam with my sigma rox.
The last time I checked with the second climb, it read 14-16% most of the time.
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