OK WW's Here's the challenge - sub 6kg Dogma in 36 hrs!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by gumgardner

Why else would they use those squiggly forks. They scream...A E R O ! ! ! ;)

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by cyclenutnz

Your list didn't specify that the frame can't be changed :wink:
That looks like an easy way to save a big chunk...
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by kgt

Tell him to upgrade whatever he wants but not the fork. It will look horrendous.

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by artray


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by dadoflam08

cyclenutnz wrote:Your list didn't specify that the frame can't be changed :wink:
That looks like an easy way to save a big chunk...

Good point :thumbup: - the shop also stocks Willier 7's which would make this a breeze but the customer is set on using the Dogma
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by prendrefeu

kgt wrote:Tell him to upgrade whatever he wants but not the fork. It will look horrendous.

Hmmm... :)

New frame (BH Ultralite), remove graphics, re-label Pinarello, keep the fork.
That alone may hit the target without changes to any of the drivetrain components! :mrgreen:
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by ozdavo

Custom 1 piece saddle seatpost combo?

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by Wcl4

AX lightness saddle - 69g! I think thats around 100g saved over smp.

http://ax-lightness.de/en/cycling/bike- ... pecialist/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Stem and handlebars weight savings will also be significant vs MOST. Add clavicula stem and that should get the bike close to its target along with the Lightweight tubs.

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by BobSantini

I have to agree about keeping the fork. When I said it would be an improvement to change it I was being facetious. The Onda fork is so obviously integral to the identity of a Dogma that changing it is ludicrous. You'd end up with a try-hard weight weenie based on a pinna frame which is silly not to mention the mongrel bastardised identity. I thought that was obvious to all. :noidea:

I'd be inclined to keep the Super Record crank set too if you can can achieve the target with it.
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by adriano

how should i pick my saddle and bars? most comfortable shape or shaving off 0.05% of my weight?

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by princebmc

Hi All,

Thanks for all the pointers and thanks for Dado for raising the topic.

The customer is someone who loves his Dogma (not dogma 2, although he has one too!!)

We are fitting the Obermayer Wheels to give us almost 200grams but he does want to keep a Schwable tyre with some puncture protection in it so we are only getting 60grams in tyre weight.

For the rest of the diet we are replacing the MOST Talon bars with an Extra Light O/S Stem and Schmolke TLO O/S Handle bars.

He does also want to keep the full Campagnolo drive train so we cant do cranks.

I will let you know the result once it is all done

Did that just happen!!

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by Exar

So basically he wants a lighter bike, but he doesn't really want to change anything that'll save serious weight? I'm guessing he doesn't want to change the saddle either (because nobody uses an SMP saddle by accident :) ) and he doesn't want to change pedals because he wants to use the same shoes on multiple bikes? Seems to me like you've done all you can with the bar/stem combo, perhaps some bolt tuning here and there, topped of with light bar tape?
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by Rush

Change the fork for crying out loud.

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by sugarkane

The THM cranks are a lot nicer, stiffer and lighter than the campag
Talk some sense into that boy.. Lightweights, THM.. It's not rocket science :mrgreen:

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by Fourthbook

I assume the Campy cranks are the Ti version...
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