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by Peter_E

Hi all, I have a wired SRM and a PcV. When you finish an interval by pressing set-button you see average values on the screen for a while. Those values are mostly slightly lower than the ones I get when I connect the PcV to the computer. There is a difference of 5-10 watts maybe. Anybody know why?
Grateful for any input.

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by nathanong87

one is normalized power vs average power

"Normalized Power is a better indicator of the true metabolic demands of your ride than average power. Basically, it's the wattage you would have averaged if you had pedaled smoothly for the entire effort/ride- the power that your body "thought" it was doing"

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by Dalai

nathanong87 wrote:one is normalized power vs average power

Depends where Peter_E is uploading the data... If using the SRM software, this won't be it as their software doesn't calculate normalized power.

Interesting question that I am sure have seen possibly answered in the Google Wattage group. Will have a search there over lunch today.

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by Peter_E

I am using SRMwin so no, normalized power should not be the explanation. Some further googleing has led me to believe that it is the smoothing settings.meaning that the PcV and the software smooths power differently.

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