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by mdeth1313

I usually ride to work at least twice a week. I use it as a training ride, as there's about 2200-2300 vertical feet over the 30 miles roundtrip.

I teach at a high school. Today we had a faculty meeting after school-- about 10 minutes into the meeting, the school principal is speaking and all of the sudden all the asst. principals get up and walk out. About 45 seconds later, they pull the principal out. 30 seconds after that the principal comes back in and announces a "non-specific threat" has been called into the school and we need to evacuate the building.

Fortunately, my classroom is right near the meeting room and I grab my bike and the clothing I need to ride home. Of course, I have nowhere to change and nowhere to put my school clothes.

Fortunately, I was offered a ride by one of my colleagues and I suggested she take me and my bike to her house (not far from the school) where I changed, left my clothes in her car to retrieve tomorrow) and then I rode home.

Never dull!

Found out later the police swept the building and it's all clear!
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by BeeBee30

Note to self, call in a non specific threat hoax to place of work and use as an excuse to invite myself around female colleagues house where I of course will need to get naked to 'get changed'! :lol:
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by indigo

I too had hoped OP's story would end better .. ;-)

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by ave

Well the adventure was the "change" wasn't it? :D But you left it out!

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