ZIPP 303 2010 vs FFWD F4R

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by apLe

Hi guys, I know that there are plenty of similar topics, but I would like to know your opinion. I'm about to buy one of mentioned wheelsets and really don't know which one. I can get 303s for about 1700$, but I don't know it they are 2010 or 2011 model. Is there any difference between them? I'm not talking about FC version as I know it's different. I just don't know if full toroidal shape was introduced in 2010 or 2011? On the other hand, I can get FFWD F4R wth dt240s hubs for about 1300$. I just don't know if 303s are worth extra money. I've read somewhere that until some year ZIPP haven't been robust, they tended to crack etc. Another thing is that I use campy 11s with my training wheels (laced on 240s) and I'm worried that if I opt for ZIPP, then with every wheel change I'll be forced to adjust the rear der. Is there, by any chance, someone who can help me? Maybe you've ridden both wheelsets? I will use them only in races here in Poland and Czech Republic/Slovakia. You would call them "medium mountains" with uphills up to 20min, some windy conditions and not too long downhills. I just need all-round wheels. Thanks!
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by Ozrider

By keeping the same hubs you will minimize derailleur tuning when swapping wheels,
I use Zipp 404's and Enve tubulars on 240 hubs, as well as a set of DT R1.1's on DT 240's.
I have had no issues with any of the wheel sets, and weighing 95 kg not a light weight.

The FFWDs are good wheels and seem like a good price.
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