campy 10 speed shifters with sram RD?

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by eordman

I think I remember a thread on here about this but it was old and I can't find it.

Basically I want to try the campy feel without changing my derailleurs, chain, or cassette. Could I use 10 speed (centaur or veloce) shifters with my otherwise sram rival bike? I'm curious if anyone has tried this.

This article says it should work ... -not_73404


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by DaveS

There are lots of people who have tried it, but those of us who know the actual cables pulls know that it makes no sense. A SRAM RD needs uniforn cable pulls of 3mm per shift. A Campy 10 shifter pulls 2.5mm five times, 3mm twice and 3.5mm twice. If you add the first five pulls, all you get is 12.5mm, where 15mm is needed. Since a SRAM RD needs 12mm of cable pull for 4 shifts, the RD position would be a lot closer to the 5th cog than the intended 6th cog, after five shifts. If gets no better on the next two pulls that are actually what the SRAM RD needs.

When Lennard Zinn measured the cable pull, all he did was measure the total pull and did a poor job of that.

by Weenie

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by tommasini

DaveS wrote:When Lennard Zinn measured the cable pull, all he did was measure the total pull and did a poor job of that.

Agree - I'll add to that by saying Zinn is pretty lame

Time and time again he spreads much mis-information and then only after readers challenge him does he (time and time again) use an excuse along the lines that he didn't put all the facts out there (assuming he knew them at the time) he's held his position at that magazine for so long escapes me..... :noidea:

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by jaup

I'm not sure about the math, but I have 10spd Chorus shifters with Rival rear DR (SRAM cassette) on my cross bike and it shifts fine...

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by kya

Having tried it, I can say that it works well enough.

Dont know if it makes any difference, but I was using 2010 Centaur ultra-shift levers.

EDIT: whoops, just noticed that this was a necro thread...

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