Worth switching from alu to carbon bars on full carbon bike?

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by parajba


Hopefully just a quick one.

I need to change the stem and the handlebars on my Cervelo S2 because they don't fit me. Main use is road racing < 3hrs. I ride 404 tubs.
Is it worth switching to a 3T Arx Team (alu) + 3T Ergonova Team (carbon) rather than sticking with aluminium Deda Zero 100 stem and aluminim bar? Will I feel the difference on a carbon bike with carbon wheels? Can the carbon handlebar make any difference in addition to the carbon wheels, tubs and carbon frame to justify the extra £££? How about stiffness and overall feeling of the 3T carbon bars over the alu ones?

The price difference between the two set up would be around £100.

I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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by frankq

I have 3 main setups I use, Cinelli ram 2, Deda Zero Nero Carbon stem/Deda Presa, and 3T Team Alu Bar and stem. On a Colnago EPS with Lightweight Standards. The only difference I can tell between the setups is I get more road feel(or Buzz) with the aluminum setup than with the full carbon(riding wood feeling) setup, neither is bad to me just different and I feel no difference in stiffness and no difference when switching wheels from carbon tubs to alloy clinchers. Personally if I were to buy again I wouldn't waste my money on the carbon, I really can tell no performance difference just feel. But if you want bling, go to the carbon aisle with credit card handy.

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by dcj9

depending on who you ask, carbon bars either make no difference to killing road buzz or alot of difference. i think if you are light and happen to ride a bike which generates noticeable road buzz then it will probably be the latter. for me, it is definitely worth it.

from lab tests i've seen, alloy bars are normally quite a bit stiffer that their equivalent carbons. i guess in a maxxed out sprint you will feel a difference.

i am using carbon 3T ergosum bars on a pegeretti and alloy 3T ergosum bars on a trek.
in the past i swapped out carbon bars for alloy ones on a lightspeed ti, then had to swap back after a few rides as the vibration was uncomfortable after 2 hours. under 2 hours it wasn't that noticeable

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by HammerTime2

Depending on your bar tape, your hands and fingers may stay just a wee bit warmer on cold rides with carbon bars vs. alu bars.

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by DMF

Went from PRO Plt alu to Ergonova Team, to me they killed alot of buzz, but in the drops they are clearly not as stiff, in fact a bit noodly... No big difference in the hoods. If you're a strong sprinter I would say that it could be an issue...

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by ticou

I run the Deda 100 set up and would never change; it's the princess and the pea in the 30th mattress to do so.

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by c50jim

For me, the key to this question is your statement that you'll use the bars on a racing bike. Pro racers often use aluminum because it withstands crashes better than carbon. That's probably a good thing for you to remember too. If bike weights are measured where you are, you might be better with slightly heavier bars to stay above 6.8 kg.

I have bikes with both carbon and aluminum bars and frankly don't notice a big difference except on the pocketbook.

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by parajba

Thanks everybody for the kind replies, much obliged. I'll stick with the Zero100 combo.

The current bike is comfy enough for me, there is no road buzz as such...Just a lively feeling. I guess the Cervelo frame, the gloves, the bar tape, the fit on the bike and the tubs/404s are all doing a good job.

Yes, this is solely a bike used for road races < 3hrs, and the odd crit, so costs and durability are a plus here.

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