Shimano Dura Ace 7900 C24 cl v Fulcrum Racing 1's

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by lukefarren

Hi Everyone, I'm looking at a reasonably priced wheelset for use in training on the good bike and in the odd race when it's windy/rainy. I'm considering the Shimano Dura Ace 7900 C24's and also the Fulcrum Racing 1's, I weigh 80KG. Any thoughts please?

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by lukefarren

S'alright, I've just found a thread asking more or less exactly the same thing.. Any follow up thoughts would be appreciated though.

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by mimason

I think most would say the fulcrums would be more robust but at the expense of being less aero than the c24s. Both are great and both will support your weight. The Shimano's will likely feel smoother, and should spin up faster due to crazy light rims but I like the look of the fulcrums better.

Phill P
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by Phill P

I second the above. Unfortunately campy/fulcrum started chasing Mavic down the machined rim and unaero Al spoke road years ago. I think the zonda/racing 3s are the best wheels in their range. Not all that much heavier, but use bladed steel spokes.

I like the campy hubs slightly better. They use 18 spokes up front compared to 16 for shimano (stiffer but less aero), and use 16+=21 spokes which gives better torsional and lateral stiffness than shimanos "current" 20spokes.

Factor every one is forgetting is the Fulcrum will be shimano 11spd compatible, but with shimanos current wheels (which will start to sell out soon) you will never be able to fit shimano 11spd.

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by Ghost234

I would go Fulcrum 1's personally. They are absolutely rock solid.

7900's are great, but Fulcrums have amazing bearings and rims.

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by timzcat

Easy. Shimano
Best hubs, lighter rim, and lighter overall by more then 100g, Also cheaper by about $200. :wink:

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by lukefarren

Thanks for the responses..

I've heard the Shimano RS80's do pretty much exactly what the Dura Ace version do - same light rims, built in the same way though heavier in the ultegra hub, 1520g for RS80's v 1380g claimed for the Dura Ace, to me the bang for value for money is with the RS80's at the moment, without that much loss of performance. A decent tyre and latex tubes on the RS80's on the odd race day and I reckon they should be fine.

I can get some used Fulcrum 1's in pristine condition for around the same price, they are coming in at 1500g's but I understand won't spin up as quick or be as aero as the RS80's - thoughts please?

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by Tinea Pedis

Given there's many other similar threads (which you have found) please pop into one of those :)

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